The New Year is off to a rough start for us here along the Front Range in Colorado. According to the State of Colorado’s official website, eighteen fatal accidents have already taken place in Colorado in 2015. These eighteen accidents have caused twenty people to lose their lives. This is a scary figure as we have not even made it through the first month of the year, and the coming months are usually the months with the most devastating winter storms and snowfall in Colorado. AAA posted this article recently with some vital safety tips to help keep you safe driving in the Colorado winter:

Another frightening fact is that three of these fatal accidents involved alcohol; and in all three of these alcohol related accidents at least one of the parties involved lost their life. So you can take extra precaution if you so desire, the list of the counties in Colorado with the most accidents where a fatality took place to date are as follows: Adams-1 accident with 1 death; Bent-1 accident with 1 death; Denver-3 accidents with 3 deaths-1 alcohol related; El Paso-2 accidents with 3 deaths-1 alcohol related; Gilpin-1 accident with 1 death; Jefferson-2 accidents with 2 deaths; Montrose-1 accident with 2 deaths; Ouray-1 accident with 1 death-1 alcohol related; Otero-1 accident with 1 death; Pueblo-1 accident with 1 death; Teller-1 accident with 1 death; Weld-3 accidents with 3 deaths. Further details are available in the tables located on the State of Colorado website:

These accident fatality numbers are actually down from last year. January, 2014, there were twenty-six fatal accidents with twenty-six deaths, nine of which were alcohol related. Denver County also topped the list of automobile accident related deaths last January with six deaths in six accidents. More information is available at the following website:

We will keep you posted near the end of the month to see how Colorado is (hopefully) improving in their traffic and accident safety. If you or anyone you know has been in an accident anywhere in Colorado or surrounding areas, please contact our office at 720-583-9150.