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Johnson v. State Farm: Underinsured Motorist Coverage

By Mintz Law Firm | January 13, 2015

The Colorado Court of Appeals recently decided the case of Johnson v. State Farm. That case involved State Farm’s denial of Underinsured Motorist (UIM) coverage to a named insured, Johnson. The Court of Appeals determined that State Farm had to provide UIM Coverage to Johnson. The facts of the case involved another State Farm insured,…

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Distracted Driving

By Mintz Law Firm | October 29, 2014

According to, the act of distracted driving includes texting, using a cell phone, eating or drinking, talking to passengers, grooming, reading; including maps, using a navigation system, watching a video, adjusting the radio, CD player, or MP3 player. Since the wide use of smartphones, distracted driving has been at the forefront of many parents’…

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Trampolines: Jumping into Danger

By Mintz Law Firm | September 10, 2014

Trampolines provide endless hours of entertainment, exercise, and childhood memories for kids who get to enjoy them. Many parents purchase trampolines with the idea in mind that they want their kids to be outside playing instead of inside watching TV and to them it appears a trampoline is a great activity to release energy. However,…

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By Mintz Law Firm | August 6, 2014

Many motorists are at risk when they get behind the wheel and set out on the road with thousands of other drivers who are operating multi-ton, steel vehicles. Few pedestrians, however, ever consider the possibility of being hit by a car when they set foot on the pavement.  As of recently, there has been a…

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DOG BITES: Are Your Children Safe?

By Mintz Law Firm | June 17, 2014

According to the American Humane Association (AHA) (2013), there is an estimated 4.5 million dog bites per year. Approximately 885,000 of those dog bites require medical attention. Similar to any injury, children and the elderly are more vulnerable to dog bites and attacks. In comparison to other age groups, fifty percent of dog attacks occur…

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Life Saving Legislation for Kids

By Mintz Law Firm | May 16, 2014

Within the past few years across the nation there have been an increasing number of stories in the news about children being run over and killed by cars in their own driveways.  A recent example occurred in Denver, Colorado, on May 8,2014.  A three year old boy was pronounced dead at the scene after a…

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By Mintz Law Firm | January 15, 2014

The State of Colorado places what is called a Statute of Limitations on most legal claims. The Statute of Limitations for minors and adults 18+ varies depending on the type of case at issue. In most types of personal injury cases, the Statute of Limitations is relatively short and only allows a few years after…

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Is Distracted Driving really a problem?

By Mintz Law Firm | October 5, 2013

Distractions occur whenever you take your eyes off of the road. There are many driver distractions such as visual, cognitive, and manual distractions which lead to auto accidents every day. Eyes off the road (visual) Mind off the road (cognitive) Hands off the steering wheel (manual) Driver distractions are the leading cause of most automobile…

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Tips for Driving Safely this Summer

By Mintz Law Firm | July 12, 2013

During the summer, more people drive on Colorado highways, roads and streets and as a result, more people are seriously injured and even killed in car, truck, bicycle, motorcycle and pedestrian accidents.  Being prepared, and practicing safe driving techniques may help to prevent you or a loved one from suffering serious injuries or death. Here are a few Tips for Driving Safely…

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Prevent Parking Lot Auto Accidents

By Mintz Law Firm | June 14, 2013

Prevent Parking Lot Auto Accidents with these helpful tips: Buy Time To React Parking lots are filled with obstacles and hazards, but often the biggest danger is other drivers. They may cut across empty rows, drive too fast, or ignore signs and pavement markings, endangering everyone in the lot. The best way to deal with…

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