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Christmas Shopping Means Traffic Safety is a Must

By Mintz Law Firm | November 22, 2017

The day after Thanksgiving is the “official” kickoff for Christmas shopping, and it’s just around the corner! With so many shoppers hitting the stores to score great deals and find the perfect gifts for loved ones, it’s no surprise that the holiday season is prime time for traffic and parking lot accidents. Because we want…

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What Makes Mintz Law Firm Stand Out from the Crowd

By Mintz Law Firm | November 8, 2017

Although you hope you never need one, many people find it necessary to hire a personal injury attorney at one point in time or another. Who would you call for help in your hour of need? Mintz Law Firm has developed a solid reputation for offering stellar legal representation to victims of accidents where another…

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The Best Ways to Stay Safe on Icy Roads

By Mintz Law Firm | November 2, 2017

Winter conditions pose challenges for even the most experienced drivers. Heavy snowfall can significantly impair visibility, and icy road surfaces can cause your vehicle to slip and slide without any notice. Regardless of whether you have AWD, snow tires, and chains, experts agree that the best way to remain safe while driving during the winter…

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Teach Your Children How to Avoid Dog Bites

By Mintz Law Firm | October 25, 2017

Most kids don’t believe that a cute and cuddly dog could ever hurt them. The truth, however, is that millions of people get bitten by dogs each year, and many of the victims are children under the age of 14. So, how can you make it possible for your kids to enjoy playing with Fido…

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6 Tips for Driving in the Colorado Fog

By Mintz Law Firm | October 19, 2017

As the weather cools down, Colorado drivers can expect an increase in fog formations. While certainly beautiful, fog can create extremely dangerous conditions on the road at any time of day. Knowing how to drive safely while in foggy weather is imperative to protecting yourself, your loved ones, and other drivers. Unfortunately, a large number…

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The Advantages of Taking an Out-of-Court Settlement

By Mintz Law Firm | October 12, 2017

No two personal injury claims are the same. While some Coloradans might benefit from taking their case to court, others may find the advantages of taking an out-of-court settlement outweigh the benefit of a court case. A good personal injury attorney will recognize this and will carefully consider the details of your case, as well…

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How to Act on Social Media Following an Auto Accident

By Mintz Law Firm | October 5, 2017

If you’re hooked on social media, you’re not alone. The majority of adult Americans are on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, and with these sites accessible via smartphone, it only takes seconds to share our lives with the world. While posting pictures of your family vacation or your new puppy can be a…

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Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

By Mintz Law Firm | September 26, 2017

Although you care deeply about your elderly loved ones, there may come a point in time when you are no longer able to provide adequate care and attention. When this happens, you may need to consider moving your loved one to a nursing home or assisted living facility. While this can be a great way…

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7 Tips for Driving in the Sun

By Mintz Law Firm | September 21, 2017

Most people prefer not to drive after dark but have no problem with driving during the day. After all, daylight hours are the safest time to be on the road, right? While this is usually true, there may come a time when sunlight actually impairs your ability to drive safely. Sun glare happens when the…

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How to Deal with a Rabid Dog

By Mintz Law Firm | September 14, 2017

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but they can also be very dangerous when they’ve been infected with rabies. Rabid dogs can be unpredictable and vicious, and their bite can be deadly. Understanding the seriousness of rabies, recognizing the signs, and knowing how to pursue treatment are critical to protecting you and your loved ones.…

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