The Mintz Law Firm does not shy away from litigation, and will represent our clients all the way through trial and beyond. Our office recently went through a trial involving a case where a large and aggressive dog attacked our client while he was walking his much smaller house dog. The large dog bit our client numerous times and our client sustained injuries while trying to protect his animal from the much larger animal. The person who owned the aggressive dog was extremely apologetic to our client at the scene and time of the accident. The defendant, owner of the aggressive dog, then had a change of heart and became very resistant toward offering any type of financial support to our client. The defendant also refused to provide our client with any insurance information which would be liable to cover the damages sustained by our client. Unfortunately, we could not obtain cooperation from the defendant and had to proceed to seek remedy in a court of law through the avenue of a trial.

The Mintz Law Firm successfully presented the case at trial and obtained a verdict in favor of our client. However, there was a mistake made by the court in the calculations regarding the amount of monetary damages our client was to receive. Our office then successfully appealed the decision of the trial court in connection with the amount of money our client was to be awarded to the Colorado court of Appeals; leading the appellate court to overturn the award, which was subsequently raised to the proper amount.

Without having the knowledge and experience to win at trial, being overly familiar with Colorado Law, and being willing to challenge a decision made by a court of law, our client would have never received the compensation they deserved. Please contact the Mintz Law Firm if you, or anyone you know, has been injured by the carelessness of another person or entity. As you can see, we care, and we can help.