Stay on the Right Side of Luck This St. Patrick's Day

Stay on the Right Side of Luck This St. Patrick’s Day

Stay on the Right Side of Luck This St. Patrick’s Day

When St. Patrick’s Day arrives this year, millions of people across the country will once again be attending late night celebrations with their family and friends at bars and private parties. While most people will play it safe and be responsible, the truth is that there is a heightened danger for traffic accidents due to drunk driving and carelessness.

Staying on the right side of luck this St. Patrick’s day isn’t difficult as long as you’re vigilant about following certain guidelines. Here are a few tips that we’ve compiled that will help keep you and your family safe during the holiday:

Attend a Private Party, If Possible

Bar hopping around the city’s hot spots on St. Patrick’s Day can certainly lead to fun, exciting times. But if you want to avoid the streets, it’s much better to attend a private party or, better yet, host a party for family and friends yourself.

Have a Designated Driver

Whether you head out to your favorite pub or attend a private party, you should always have a designated driver along with you. Be sure to choose someone who you know will not drink under any circumstances. It’s even a good idea to give them a little gift as a way to say thank you for keeping everyone safe.

Be Suspicious of Every Car on the Road

No matter when you’re out on the road, you always want to watch the vehicles around you with the eyes of an eagle. But when you’re out on the streets for St. Patrick’s Day, you should view all vehicles suspiciously, as if they might be driven by an intoxicated driver. This will help you stay alert and be ready for anything.

Look Both Ways Before Crossing the Street

Yes, the old adage of looking both ways before you cross the street is absolutely true. If you’re on foot for St. Patrick’s Day, you must be especially vigilant of traffic out on the road. Even if a driver is not intoxicated, he or she may be distracted by passengers or the festivities in the area.

Never Leave Your Drink Unattended

While most bar patrons are friendly and have absolutely no ill intent, the unfortunate truth is that there are nefarious types out there who may want to spike your drink, either as a way to screw with people or for something much, much worse. This is why you must never leave your drink unattended, and if you do, the safe bet is to pour it out and order a new one.

Don’t Forget About Rideshare Apps and Taxis

If you find yourself too drunk to drive or if your designated driver decided to drink, then the best way for you to get home safely may be to rely on someone else. If you haven’t already, download Uber or Lyft on your phone and put in your payment information. Taxi services are also good options. When it comes time to get home, there won’t be any excuse for driving drunk.

These tips will help you remain safe over St. Patrick’s Day, but unfortunately, accidents are sometimes out of your control. If you find yourself in a traffic accident caused by a drunk driver over the holiday or any other time, then you need the assistance of an experienced drunk driving accident attorney. Reach out to Mintz Law Firm for a free case evaluation.

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