Colorado has well-known reputation for its love of partying and having a good time. Long before the days of recreational marijuana sales in the state, the Denver Metro area has been home to many breweries, micro-breweries, and several bars and night clubs. Along with alcohol, another of Denver’s big callings is no doubt football. Super Bowl weekend also seems to be big deal in the city, no matter which teams make it to the final game. Granted there are not many Patriots or Seahawks fans in Denver, but who did not watch the big game?

Throughout the state of Colorado police departments had an increased awareness for the possibility of DUI drivers, last year there were 327 reported DUI arrests made during Super Bowl weekend. This year the number went down almost 100 arrests from 2014, totaling out at 234. This number is really put into perspective when compared to New Year’s Eve, where 329 DUI arrests were made in Colorado. Denver again topped out of the list of DUI arrests made with 36, other areas such as Aurora and Colorado Springs both came in with 24.

With this many drivers on the road being arrested for DUI, it makes you wonder how many other drivers did not get pulled over and made it home. Something to think about when you realize that out of the 466 fatal accidents that took place in 2014, 153 of them involved a driver who was DUI. If you or anyone you know has been in an accident anywhere in Colorado or surrounding areas, please contact our office at 720-583-9150.

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