The ski resorts located near the Denver Metro Area in cities such as Frisco, CO, and Breckenridge, CO, are only about sixty miles from the city limits down Interstate 70. Normally, this drive would take less than an hour.   However, during ski season this stretch of highway often takes hours to traverse, particularly on Fridays and Sundays. In addition to delays caused by the frequent snow and concomitant icy conditions in the Colorado Mountains, Interstate 70 has also become a very dangerous highway to travel because of the amount of traffic on it.

The following website sheds light on some of the travel times during 2014, showing that the problem on I-70 needed to be addressed: An article put out by the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce states that motorists are at a 71% higher chance of being in an accident on I-70 between Grand Junction, CO, and Denver, CO, than any other highway in the state:

There have been plans and projects put in place to remedy some of the problems on I-70, one of which actually places the bridge portion of I-70 in Northeast Denver underground. The bridge would then become a park and place for the light-rail to travel to DIA. The project is expected to cost nearly $1.8 billion by the time it is completed, and will have a traumatic impact on neighborhoods such as Swansea, North and East Denver. The project is expected to alleviate many of the traffic issues currently present on the highway, but residents in the area have concerns. Some of the concerns of the neighborhoods have caught the attention of the Denver Post. More can be read on this information using the following websites:

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