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Mintz Law Firm is a very well established injury law firm specialized in accident and injury cases. Our firm has been in existence for over (30) thirty years and has received top results for thousands of injured clients. We have a team of successful injury attorney's committed to personal attention, fast action, and aggressive representation.

The following are notable, Settlements, Verdicts, and Judgments which the injury lawyers at Mintz Law Firm have been awarded or negotiated for their clients:

"Results Speak Louder than Words"


Case Type: Worker's Compensation/Construction Accident

Client Stats: Adult Male

Description: Our client was catastrophically injured while at work on a construction site. This construction site was for the building of a high-rise tower in a major city. . The horrifying accident left our client paralyzed from the waist down. He was a young construction worker with a long life expectancy. He had a wife and children, and is injuries left him unable to ever work again. We fought hard at every interval to ensure our client would be taken care of not only financially, but medically. Our entire firm became familiar with this case and knew the client and family on a first name basis. When the client affirmed his satisfaction with our efforts and an agreeable settlement amount, we diligently secured that amount for our client. Our client and his family are now able to have some comfort despite the unfortunate occurrence which injured him. Although his life has been changed forever and he will never physically be the same, he can now at least live comfortably, financially and medically, for the rest of his life.

Settlement: $2.7 Million


Case Type: Premises Liability

Client Stats: Adult Male

Description: Our client was injured when he and his friends celebrated graduation at a friend's home. At the home was a recreational device that had not been properly maintained and our client severely injured his leg when the device broke unexpectedly. Our client required extensive surgery to his leg, which delayed the start of his post-graduate career, and left him with permanent disfigurement and impairment. The lawyers at Mintz Law Firm were dedicated in getting the client the settlement he deserved, while making sure that his past and future damages were addressed.  .

Settlement: $1.2 Million