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Cars, trucks, and motorcycles aren’t the only vehicles on the roads. Here in Colorado, bicycling on the open road is another popular means of getting from Point A to Point B, or simply for enjoying the beautiful weather. Unfortunately, bicycle vs auto accidents are all too common our increasingly crowded roadways. Just because your bicycle isn’t powered by an engine doesn’t mean that you don’t have rights.

Unfortunately, some drivers don’t feel the same way. Because automobiles are bigger and faster, drivers tend to feel like they “own” the road, and may not want to share it with bicyclists. This can lead to aggressive driving, bullying, and negligence, all of which can cause serious bicycle vs auto accidents. If you were recently involved in a bicycle accident, call our Lakewood bicycle accident attorneys for legal guidance. We will fight for the damages and injuries you are suffering while you solely focus on your recovery.

"As cycling enthusiasts and empathizers, our legal team is passionate about fighting the rest of the battle on your behalf."

The good news for bicyclists is that the state of Colorado is on their side. In fact, recent state legislation was designed to protect bicyclists from accidents against automobiles. Here’s what you should know about bicycle law:

Passing Cyclists

Automobile drivers are required to give bicyclists a minimum of a three-foot cushion when passing them on the road. Driver’s may also cross the center line in order to pass a cyclist, when it is safe to do so.

Lane Position

In many areas, bike lanes are designated to ensure cyclist safety at all times. Where bike lanes do not exist, bicyclists may ride as far right as is safe. Additionally, cyclists may ride as far left as is safe when riding on one-way roads with multiple lanes.

Multiple Bike Riders

Under Colorado law, bicyclists are able to pass one another or ride side-by-side so long as they maintain a three-foot cushion with automobiles and do not impede the normal flow of traffic.

Anti-Harassment of Cyclists

Bicyclists are protected by law from being harassed in any way, including the throwing of any object at a cyclist or driving toward a cyclist in a dangerous manner.

Knowing your rights is only half the battle. If you have been injured in a bicycle vs auto accident while cycling because of a driver’s negligence or failure to follow the law, you need aggressive representation. As cycling enthusiasts and empathizers, our legal team is passionate about fighting the rest of the battle on your behalf.  Contact us today for a free case evaluation. 

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