Denver Auto Accident Attorneys

No one plans on being in an automobile accident, but it happens to millions of people each year. U.S. automobile collisions injured nearly 5 people every minute in 2015. For those severely injured in auto accidents that moment in time is a life-changing event. In order to get on the road to recovery quickly, it’s important that you formulate a game plan for dealing with the damages caused by an accident as soon as it happens. That means finding a superior Colorado automobile accident attorney. In addition to calling your lawyer, you should:

  • Call the police to the scene of the accident, even if the damage appears minimal
  • Exchange information with everyone involved (insurance, license plate, driver’s license)
  • Obtain contact information from any witnesses
  • Take pictures/video of the accident
  • Promptly obtain medical care for any pain that you have
  • Do not give a statement to any insurance carriers for others involved before contacting an attorney

We will take care of the rest!

“It’s important that you formulate a game plan for dealing with the accident as soon as it happens.”

No matter what the cause of the accident, our legal team has the expertise and tenacity required to make sure that justice is served and that you and your loved ones are well taken care of. We’ve worked on countless cases related to:

Alcohol-Related Accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration asserts that a large percentage of all automobile accidents are related to the use of alcohol. Drivers who get behind the wheel after drinking or using any type of illegal substance will suffer from impaired judgment and poor reflexes, both of which can heavily contribute to very serious accidents. Should you or a loved one become injured or killed in an accident that was caused by a drunk or otherwise impaired driver, it’s important that you fight for justice so that you can be compensated for your losses while showing irresponsible drivers that their behaviors will not be tolerated.

Speed-Related Accidents

Speeding needlessly endangers other drivers on the road and can inflict significant damage or injury to people and property.

Accidents Resulting From Negligence

Generally, drivers are expected to exercise “reasonable care under the circumstances.” Should a driver fail to use reasonable care, he or she could be held liable for negligence leading to the harm of person or property.

Don’t try to prove that the other driver was at fault on your own. As experts in auto injury law, our Colorado auto injury lawyers have the knowledge and tools necessary to fight for your case and WIN.

Do I Have a Case?

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Accidents in Denver

What type of damages am I able to recover for a car accident claim in Denver?

If you have been involved in an accident in Denver, Colorado, you may be entitled to one of two types of damages: compensatory or punitive. Within compensatory damages, there are economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages are paid based on “actual damage,” such as severe injury, whereas non-economic damages are related to serious non-physical harm, like pain and suffering or emotional distress. Punitive damages are based on the misconduct of the other individual in the accident and whether or not they were acting in a wrongful manner, which can include speeding, driving under the influence, or driving a vehicle they knew to be unsafe.

Should I hire a Denver car accident lawyer for my claim?

Hiring a car accident lawyer after an automobile collision in Colorado can make the experience of filing your claim significantly less stressful. By contacting and hiring a Denver lawyer for your car accident claim, you are working with a legal professional who can help you take care of paperwork, gather evidence, and use their vast resources to build your case.

How much will it cost to hire a car accident attorney?

Prices can range for car accident attorneys, many of which work based on a contingency fee. This means that an attorney does not receive payment until they have obtained financial compensation for the plaintiff. Once compensation is paid, the attorney is paid a percentage of the awarded amount—commonly 33%, though it can range from between 20% and 40% depending on the complexity of the case. Some car accident attorneys will work on a retainer plus contingency, meaning there is a small lump sum paid out by the plaintiff at the beginning of the case that reduces the amount of awarded compensation they receive at the end of a case, while some attorneys must be paid hourly.

Am I able to settle my car accident claim without a lawyer?

It is entirely possible for you to settle your car accident claim without the help of an experienced lawyer if the accident did not result in any serious repercussions. However, if you wish to increase your chance of obtaining the full compensation amount, or if you have suffered severe injuries as a result of the accident, it is better to hire a car accident lawyer in Colorado who can help file your claim and assist you in the process of bringing your case to trial.