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Ridesharing companies offer consumers a convenient and accessible way to travel and get around. By requesting a ride or carpooling, many feel generally safer by using a rideshare service to conveniently have easy access to reach their destination. However, ridesharing doesn't guarantee anyone is free of the risk of getting into a car accident. 

What Happens If Someone Borrows My Car and Causes an Accident?

When collisions with a rideshare driver occur, various factors may contribute to the crash because of the nature of a rideshare driver's job. With a seasoned Denver rideshare accident lawyer from Mintz Law Firm on your case, you may feel more at ease throughout the personal injury case process and be able to recover total compensation. 

Experienced Attorneys at Mintz Law Firm Help You Navigate Through a Rideshare Accident Case in Denver 

Whether you are the passenger or another driver injured because of another's negligence behind the wheel, you may qualify to obtain compensation for sustained damage. At Mintz Law Firm, our legal team brings vast experience in personal injury and car accident cases. Our clients deserve professional and individualized legal assistance throughout the duration of a personal injury case. 

Mintz Law Firm may be able to help you in a rideshare personal injury case in the following ways:

  • Helping you receive compensation by filing an injury claim 
  • Remaining available for questions and case handling 
  • Ensuring you understand your rights
  • Remaining honest and transparent about your case
  • Gathering evidence and investigating accident details  
  • Personalizing legal resources for your individual case's success

We know it can be challenging to recover from injuries, undergo life changes following an accident, and navigate an injury claim simultaneously. We will guide you through a personal injury case from start to finish to help you feel at ease. It is understandable that you may feel concerned about recovering compensation and proving negligence in a Colorado rideshare accident. Fortunately, our team is here to take care of the necessary components for a successful claim. 

Factors That May Contribute to Denver Uber and Lyft Accidents 

Because many aspects may contribute to the cause of a rideshare accident, our legal team works diligently to identify and prove who is negligent. When injured passengers or drivers share no liability, our legal team works to gather the total compensation they deserve. 

Factors that may contribute to Uber and Lyft accidents:

  • Distracted driving 
  • Driver fatigue 
  • Speeding 
  • Driving on unfamiliar roads
  • Reckless driving
  • Dangerous pickup or drop-off locations 

Rideshare accidents can happen in the same fashion as other car accidents, although the nature of ridesharing jobs and other factors add a unique risk to the occurrence of a collision. With a knowledgeable legal team guiding your case, necessary evidence and professional legal resources such as expert witnesses may benefit your case. 

Proving Liability After a Rideshare Accident in Denver, CO

When an accident occurs, liability can be challenging to prove in rideshare accidents. Rideshare companies offer additional coverage for a driver's rides, but this has limitations. Under certain circumstances, the rideshare company may be held liable for covering the cost of compensation for your injuries if the driver's coverage does not cover the totality of damage.

Essential aspects in a Rideshare accident injury case include the following:

  • Whether a driver's rideshare app was active and logged in 
  • Whether a driver was waiting for a passenger 
  • If a driver was en route to the passenger's destination 
  • If a driver accepted a ride and was en route to a pickup 

The status of a driver's app and where they were in the process of completing a ride play a role in identifying coverage. Outside of the limitations, there may be challenges to having coverage and covering the costs associated with the injuries you have experienced. An injured person's insurance policy, another driver's coverage, the rideshare company coverage, or the driver's policy may be responsible for your injuries. 

Understanding Colorado's Modified Comparative Negligence Law  

Every accident may appear differently, but it's essential to understand how the liable parties are responsible for financially compensating your injuries. The modified comparative negligence law in Colorado means multiple parties may share liability in an accident. This is important for retrieving compensation because you are only eligible to retrieve compensation from the percentage of damages caused by another's negligence. 

At times, the injured share a percentage of negligence in an accident but may still retrieve compensation they are owed due to another's wrongdoing. For example, not using a seatbelt while in an Uber or Lyft during an accident may cause you to share a percentage of negligence regardless of injury severity. If another's negligence in an accident results in your injuries, you have a right to pursue compensation for the damages you sustained. 

What Kind of Damages Are Recoverable When Filing an Injury Claim in Denver?

Every car accident can potentially cause short or long-term injuries for those involved. Additionally, the extent of damages may exceed physical harm and affect your mental, emotional, and social health. A seasoned Denver rideshare accident lawyer may help you put your best foot forward and retrieve total compensation. 

Types of recoverable damages after a rideshare accident include:

  • Pain and suffering 
  • Medical expenses related to accident-related injuries
  • Future costs of medical expenses and supplies  
  • Permanent injuries and disfigurement 
  • Loss of wages or employment 
  • Loss of quality of life 
  • Wrongful death 

The effects of a car accident collision may vary significantly in every rideshare accident case. Our law firm seeks to continue providing our clients with the successful and knowledgeable legal support that helps recover total compensation. In the case of a deceased driver or passenger in an accident, we may help qualifying family members or dependents file a wrongful death claim. 

Mintz Law Firm May Help You Prove Negligence and Recover Total Compensation After a Rideshare Accident 

Our experienced Denver personal injury lawyers at Mintz Law Firm are dedicated to helping clients after suffering injury resulting from another's negligence in a rideshare accident. With many factors contributing to a rideshare collision, proving liability, and determining coverage, it can be challenging to navigate an accident claim. 

Our seasoned and knowledgeable rideshare accident attorneys in Denver, CO may help your case by investigating coverage, proving negligence, and providing vital legal resources to help you secure the compensation you deserve. You don't have to go through the process of filing a claim or taking legal action against liable parties on your own. Complete a contact form or give us a call at (303) 462-2999 to schedule a free case consultation. 


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