Our clients really depend on us to work our hardest at getting them what they deserve. We do our best to meet and exceed their standards. At Mintz Law Firm we strive to provide excellent care for our clients and a pleasant experience while working hard at the same time. The feedback that we receive from our clients is very important to us. Here is what they say about our efforts in their  cases. We can only be satisfied when you are!


Personal Injury Client


Dear Mr. McCoy,

" No offense but I've never really thought too much of lawyers... not that you haven't heard that before. And I was pretty leery about visiting any lawyer office and discussing my case due to that pre-conceived notion. But when I went in for my initial visit Mintz Law Firm went over everything with me and made me feel completely comfortable! Which is no small feat! . . .  Now when I think of lawyers my skin doesn't crawl so much (really... no offense!). I was just blown away with your firm's customer service skills and positive attitude. . . . .  Please pass that on the higher ups in your company. Thank you so much!"



Car Accident Client

"I was involved in a motor vehicle accident and the Colorado accident lawyers at the Mintz Law Firm. The staff was always helpful, available and extremely friendly. Anytime I had any questions or concerns I was always responded to promptly. Every detail of my case was discussed with me and I was always informed on the happenings of my case. I did not have any further harassing phone calls from the insurance company. After hiring the motor vehicle accident attorneys at the Mintz Law Firm my stress from the accident completely went away."



Personal Injury Client

"I nearly cut off my hand while working a saw, and was afraid I would lose my hand. I tried many personal injury attorneys but they all turned me down…my medical costs were getting worse and didn't know how to pay for my treatment or where to go- until I found the Mintz Law Firm. Unlike the other law firms I visited, David Mintz treated me like a member of the family. I knew I was in good "hands." Specialists in personal injury claims, the Mintz Law Firm helped me get medical treatment and I walked away with enough money to cover my future medical care. The lawyers who handled my case were knowledgeable and efficient- now my hand is in good condition and I can get back to work. I never had any experience with a firm prior to Mintz but I would never consider trusting anyone else with my injuries!"



Personal Injury Client

"I was grumpy, upset and in a lot of pain and the lawyers at Mintz Law Firm were sympathetic, kind, understanding and gave me the help I needed. Mintz Law Firm helped me get medical assistance quickly and efficiently so I could get better. Also, when I ran short of money Mintz Law Firm got me an advance from the insurance company to take care of my bills. The Mintz Law Firm's negotiation powers are great, and I got a favorable settlement faster than what I thought possible."



Car Accident Client

"I was hurt in a car accident that was not my fault about two years ago. There was not much damage to my car but I hurt my shoulder worse than before. The person who hit me had their insurance company contact me shortly after the accident and they promised me that they would take care of me so I did not hire a lawyer right away. What a mistake! After I needed treatment on my shoulder the insurance company changed their story and told me they did not believe I could have been injured so badly in the accident because the car was not that badly damaged and that they weren't going to pay me anything for my injuries. Then they closed my case. I was referred to the Mintz Law Firm by an acquaintance who they had helped. I am so happy that I was given that suggestion. I hired Mintz Law Firm and they were so nice to me and respectful of my situation- and they got me fifty thousand dollars. Thank you so much Mintz Law Firm. I highly recommend them."

-Virginia S.


Premises Liability Client

"My name is Anne and I hired the Mintz Law Firm to help me after I was injured at a rental home. I fell and hurt my back because a stair at the rental property disintegrated under my foot. Originally, I thought I would be able to deal with the insurance company directly. Soon, however, I found out that I was in for the fight of my life. Finally, after speaking with David Mintz, I managed to resolve my case with the insurance company, paid my medical bills, and put some money aside for future medical care. I would never think about going it alone now that I've had the Mintz Law Firm by my side."

-Anne B.


Car Accident Client

"I hired the Lakewood injury lawyers at the Mintz Law Firm to handle my Colorado personal injury car accident case. I was always able to reach my personal injury attorney, and my questions regarding my motor vehicle accident claim were always answered timely. My car accident lawyer and paralegal explained things to me clearly in a way I could understand, and if there was ever anything I did not understand about my automobile accident claim the accident attorneys at the Mintz Law Firm were patient and explained things in an alternative way. I would have never received the amount of money in my motor vehicle accident settlement without the personal injury attorneys at the Mintz Law Firm."

-Monique S.


Car Accident Client

"My name is Danny, I was in a car accident last year and I was contacted by one of the attorneys with the Mintz Law Firm shortly after. They brought me in and explained the whole process. It was very simple. They explained it to me in detail. From then on they worked very closely with me, step by step, anything that happened they kept me updated. I tried to call them a couple time myself, they always answered the phone when I had a question. They were always there for me. The process went very smooth. It took a little longer than I expected. All in all I had a very positive experience and it worked out in the end."



Personal Injury Client

"First and foremost, I want to thank you again for your understanding and compassion in discussing the situation with my case. It is a rare quality that is almost non-existent and I am very fortunate to have you and the Mintz  law Firm representing me. Thanks again for your time and compassion. Have a nice day !"



Personal Injury Client

"Everyone that I have dealt with here at the Mintz Law Firm has been helpful, and supportive. They were always very responsive. Taking the time to go over each process, and explaining it all clearly. I would always get timely responses to phone calls, and messages. I did not have to deal with any adjusters, or insurance agents, they handled it all. Hiring the Mintz Law Firm relieved me of the stress from the incident that occurred."

-Chris C.


Worker's Compensation Client

"I found Hunter Holley online, as I lived in Denver, CO and had a workman's comp issue with JC Penney.  I retired and moved to California not realizing, I had not really closed my case.  I explained to Mr. Holley my circumstances over the phone and hired him for my case.  The Mintz Law Firm was great.  I had wonderful service.  The time span from beginning to the end was pretty fast.  I never got to personally meet him but always had my calls answered right away and always everything was explained to me.  I would always recommend him.  I received my settlement plus, I got another $2,400.00 that was unexpected.  Thank you so much for all of your help."

-Shirley E.