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Understanding Colorado’s Dram Shop Statute

By Mintz Law Firm | May 15, 2024

Colorado’s dram shop statute can affect many sectors, such as business owners in the hospitality industry, event organization, or simply independent shops that sell alcohol. The dram shop law involves legal liability issues surrounding alcohol service and consumption. This law affects a wide range of stakeholders, from bar and restaurant owners to the everyday consumer,…

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Steps and Recommendations to Follow After a Truck Accident in Colorado

By Mintz Law Firm | May 13, 2024

If you’ve been in a truck accident in Colorado, the aftermath can be overwhelming and confusing. Truck accidents are significantly more complex than typical car accidents due to the size of the vehicles involved, the severity of the damage that can occur, and the involvement of a trucking company. At Mintz Law Firm, we understand…

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Do I Have to Go to the Doctor After a Car Accident?

By Mintz Law Firm | May 12, 2024

If you have been involved in a car accident, one of the first thoughts that may cross your mind is whether or not you should go to the doctor. The answer is simple: Yes. It is always crucial to seek medical attention after a car accident, no matter how minor it may seem. This is…

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Will Social Media Really Affect Truck Accident Cases?

By Mintz Law Firm | May 10, 2024

In today’s digital age, social media platforms are not just tools for social interaction – they also play a significant role in legal matters, especially in personal injury cases such as truck accidents. Posts, tweets, and shares can influence the outcomes of such legal proceedings. From evidence gathering and witness testimonies to insurance claims and…

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Do Bicyclists Have the Right-of-Way in Colorado?

By Mintz Law Firm | May 8, 2024

Bicycle accidents can be devastating, causing serious injuries and even fatalities. As more people turn to biking as a mode of transportation and recreation, it’s important to understand the laws and regulations surrounding bicycle safety. One common question that arises is if bicyclists have the right-of-way in Colorado.   At Mintz Law Firm, we know that…

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A Guide to Colorado’s Motorcycle Passenger Laws

By Mintz Law Firm | May 5, 2024

Motorcycle riding in Colorado is a thrilling and popular activity, but it also comes with its own set of rules and regulations. According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, in 2022, 149 motorcyclists lost their lives on Colorado roads, making up 20% of the state’s total traffic fatalities. This is a staggering number, considering that…

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Recovering Work-Related Injury Compensation In a Gig Economy

By Mintz Law Firm | May 3, 2024

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the gig economy, the traditional boundaries of employment have blurred, giving rise to flexible job opportunities that range from rideshare driving to freelance programming. However, this flexibility often comes with a significant trade-off – the uncertainty about the scope of worker protections, especially when it comes to injuries sustained…

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Should I Accept a Settlement Offer From the Insurance Company After My Car Accident?

By Mintz Law Firm | April 17, 2024

Are you wondering whether you should accept a settlement offer from the insurance company after your car accident case? This is a common dilemma many people face, and the answer is not always straightforward. While accepting a settlement offer may seem like a quick and easy solution, it’s important to consider all factors before making…

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How to Deal With Financial Burdens After a Catastrophic Injury

By Mintz Law Firm | April 16, 2024

Dealing with a catastrophic injury can be a life-changing event, not just physically and emotionally, but also financially. The sudden and unexpected nature of such an injury can leave individuals and their families overwhelmed and burdened with significant medical expenses and loss of income. Our team at Mintz Law Firm understands the challenges that come…

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What Happens When a Car Accident Claim Exceeds Insurance Limits?

By Mintz Law Firm | April 15, 2024

Car accidents happen unexpectedly and can leave those involved with serious injuries and damages. In these situations, filing a car accident claim with the responsible party’s insurance company is often the next step. However, what happens when the cost of the claim exceeds the insurance limits? This can cause individuals to face hefty out-of-pocket expenses.…

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