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Colorado Vacationer: What to Do If You’re in a Rideshare Accident

By mintzdev | October 31, 2022

Using a rideshare app is supposed to be simple. You simply download the app and then generally the closest driver to your destination will accept your request and bring you to your destination. While rideshare apps like Lyft and Uber have become quite popular forms of transportation in Colorado, rideshare accidents can occur, leaving the…

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Colorado Resort Transportation Accident: Can Vacationers File a Claim?

By mintzdev | October 27, 2022

Colorado’s tourism is thriving more than ever. Although there is no denying that the influx of people from out of state has a favorable effect on Colorado’s economy, situations that arise if visitors are involved in resort transportation accidents can get difficult. Hotels may be held accountable if a shuttle driver causes an accident and…

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If You’re Injured in Colorado, Do You Need a Colorado Lawyer?

By mintzdev | October 25, 2022

Not every personal injury claim will require the assistance of a Colorado lawyer. However, it’s essential that you know when you will require the help of an experienced personal injury attorney when you’ve been injured in Colorado and how they can assist you in obtaining the compensation you may deserve. When you’re making this decision,…

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How to Know if a Colorado Resort Is Liable for Your Accident

By mintzdev | October 20, 2022

Colorado is the perfect place for skiing. Unfortunately, whether you’re a native of Colorado who lives on the slopes or you’re visiting the state for a ski trip, accidents can still occur. When it comes to skiing, certain risks are inherent regardless of how trained or experienced you are as a skier. Many times, accidents…

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Injured While Vacationing in Colorado? Here’s What You Can Do

By mintzdev | October 18, 2022

Vacationing in Colorado is the perfect way to relax, get some rest, and enjoy a little time off. But if you’re injured while on vacation, your relaxation can quickly turn into a very stressful situation. An accident while on vacation in Colorado can leave you with not just serious injuries, but also substantial medical expenses.…

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A Guide to Getting Insurance Coverage In Your Home State After a Colorado Accident

By mintzdev | October 13, 2022

Being hurt in a car accident can be an incredibly unpleasant and challenging experience. If you are hurt in a state other than your home state, you may wonder how getting your insurance and getting paid for your injuries works. The first step in navigating an automobile accident and the insurance companies is having a…

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The Importance of Contacting Law Enforcement After a Colorado Accident

By mintzdev | October 6, 2022

Some individuals choose not to involve law enforcement after a Colorado accident if they’re absolutely sure that they haven’t broken any traffic laws. But, notifying the police when you’ve been involved in a car accident is still necessary. Drivers that have been involved in a car accident are required by Colorado law to report it…

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Avoid the Top 3 Most Common Halloween Injuries

By mintzdev | September 13, 2022

Halloween is fun for both kids and adults. Throwing on a costume and getting to be someone else for a day is exciting regardless of your age. Spooky season means pumpkins and scary movies. It’s a wonderful time to throw parties and spend time with family. Unfortunately, not even Halloween, with all its candy and…

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Who Could be Liable for a Ski Accident?

By mintzdev | September 11, 2022

Skiing is among the most exhilarating outdoor sports, but it comes with some inherent dangers that can lead to severe injuries. As a Colorado visitor or resident, the last thing you want is to be injured by someone else while skiing. Being injured in a ski accident doesn’t just mean canceling the fun day you…

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Complications You Could Experience After a Dog Attack

By mintzdev | September 8, 2022

Most of the time, dogs are gentle, trustworthy, and dependable. That’s why they’re a staple in so many people’s lives. A dog can become part of the family. Having a pet dog can have many benefits, from helping with feelings of loneliness to being your kid’s best friend. Unfortunately, they are still instinctual animals, and…

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