Avoid the Top 3 Most Common Halloween Injuries

Halloween is fun for both kids and adults. Throwing on a costume and getting to be someone else for a day is exciting regardless of your age. Spooky season means pumpkins and scary movies. It’s a wonderful time to throw parties and spend time with family. Unfortunately, not even Halloween, with all its candy and…

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7 Obstacles People With SCIs Face for Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month

EMT's applying a c-spine to a victim during SCI awareness month.

A spinal cord injury (SCI) damages the connection between the brain and the rest of the body, leading to long-term and even permanent complications. SCI can cause you to experience many health problems and other limitations in your daily life. Unfortunately, most SCIs are caused by preventable situations, including car accidents, falls, motorcycle accidents, and…

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Who May Be Liable in a Colorado Rideshare Accident?

Lyft driver in car; who is liable for uber and lyft accidents?

Companies such as Uber and Lyft offer popular apps to help people catch a ride or find a driver nearby to help them reach their destination. While these services offer many benefits, especially in busy cities, choosing ridesharing doesn’t eliminate the risks of getting into a car accident. Unfortunately, many people have been in a…

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Are Colorado Medical Malpractice Damages Capped?

Medical malpractice paperwork in a law office; Compensatory damages in Colorado.

Healthcare professionals are often trusted in doctor’s offices, hospitals, and other facilities. Doctors, nurses, and other essential medical personnel help patients with proper treatment and medicine. On the contrary, medical errors and preventable mistakes lead patients to suffer injuries and varying damages. When malpractice cases arise, it can be very challenging for patients to cope…

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5 Resources for Finding a Quality Colorado Nursing Home

Nursing home staff greeting a facility elderly patient.

Trusting a nursing home facility with the care of a family member is a challenge many families face in Colorado. Reports of elder abuse over the years have proven the severe and unfortunate effects of physical, mental, financial, and sexual abuse. Neglecting elders, especially in nursing home care, causes varying hardships in mental, physical, and…

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Understanding Colorado’s Nursing Home Safety Violations

Elderly woman greeting her caregiver. How to report nursing home abuse in Colorado.

When you entrust a nursing home with the care and keeping of a loved one, that nursing home has a duty to meet your expectations. Any nursing home that refuses reasonable care can be held in violation of Colorado’s nursing home safety standards. If you want to take action against a nursing home, however, you…

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Is Nursing Home Neglect Medical Malpractice?

Nurse speaking with a client who suspects that their elderly loved one has been neglected and abused in a nursing home.

Nursing home residents often require medical attention to remain comfortable. Some nursing homes fail to provide their residents with consistent attention, though, let alone the medical care they need to overcome infections, pain, and discomfort. Where is the line, however, between nursing home neglect and nursing home malpractice? Unsurprisingly, there is some overlap between the…

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How to Protect Yourself From Colorado Dog Attacks

Viscous black dog barking. How to protect yourself from dog attacks.

Dogs make great life companions. They’re known for being excellent service animals. Most of the time, dogs are wonderful. They’re cute and cuddly and can bring a lot of joy to someone’s life. However, sometimes for one reason or another, they can become aggressive, which can lead to severe injuries. Unfortunately, because of the strength…

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What Is the Duty of Care in Colorado Injury Claims?

People can file a personal injury insurance claim when they suffer physical, emotional, or financial harm because of someone else’s negligence. Most personal injury claims are built on the idea of negligence. The concept is built on the idea that someone’s behavior was the direct or proximate cause of the person’s injury and other related…

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How Long Do I Have to File a Denver Personal Injury Claim (Statute of Limitations)?

Statutes of limitations are the allotted time from the date of an accident or incident that injured individuals have to initiate civil law legal proceedings. In Colorado, for personal injury claims, the circumstance of your injury determines the amount of time you have to file a claim. For instance, medical malpractice personal injury claims versus…

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