The Elements of a Personal Injury Trial

Personal injury law is a subject that millions of people utilize every year to seek fair compensation for accidents, injuries, and much more. When handled by an experienced attorney, the results of a personal injury lawsuit can help you get your life back on track by assisting you with financial expenses and other means of… Read more »

An Attorney Can Get You A Better Settlement Than Going It Alone

The idea of making a legal claim or going to court, at least for most people, is something that causes great anxiety and stress. For someone not familiar with the process, the entire experience can be confusing, drawn out, and twists and turns along the way that may not make sense. While there may be… Read more »

What Can I Do If My Insurance Company Is Being Unreasonable?

In the case of Nibert v. GEICO, the Colorado Court of Appeals answered questions about a plaintiff’s remedies when the plaintiff’s insurance carrier in an underinsured motorist (UIM) bodily injury claim was found to have unreasonably delayed paying UIM benefits. Please feel free to visit our page on UIM coverage to learn more about those benefits…. Read more »

Common Causes of Wrongful Death

When a person is killed because of someone else’s carelessness, a wrongful death case emerges. The victim’s family has a right to sue the negligent person for damages, including medical bills, funeral expenses and lost income. Unfortunately wrongful deaths occur on a daily basis in the U.S. Let’s take a look at the most common… Read more »

Can I Sue the Government?

Some of the more complex cases a law firm can take on are claims against governmental agencies. Not only are damages that a plaintiff can recover from governmental agencies capped by law, but the claims that can be brought against governmental agencies are very limited. The general rule is that the government and its employees… Read more »

Personal Injury 101

As a team of experienced personal injury attorneys, we often hear the question, “What actually constitutes ‘personal injury’?” The short answer to this question is: negligence that caused harm. In order to begin fighting your case or negotiating any type of settlement, you and your personal injury lawyer will need to be able to prove… Read more »

Premises Liability 101

Photo of a row of illuminated, colorful shops, restaurants and businesses on Congress Avenue in Downtown Austin, Texas, USA.

When you choose to shop at a store, explore an attraction, or even visit a private residence, landowners have certain legal obligations to you as a visitor. Those legal obligations depend on the relationship between the landowner and the visitor. This article explores the three relationships defined by Colorado law and highlights some of the… Read more »

Let’s Take a Look at a Few of the Most Accident-Prone Industries

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that approximately three percent of the United States workforce suffers an injury every single year. Regardless of the type of job you do, accidents can happen quickly and without warning, but some industries have proven themselves to be more dangerous than others. Here are the most accident-prone industries according to… Read more »

What Makes Mintz Law Firm Stand Out from the Crowd

Although you hope you never need one, many people find it necessary to hire a personal injury attorney at one point in time or another. Who would you call for help in your hour of need? Mintz Law Firm has developed a solid reputation for offering stellar legal representation to victims of accidents where another… Read more »

The Advantages of Taking an Out-of-Court Settlement

No two personal injury claims are the exact same. While some Coloradans might benefit from taking their case to court, others may be better off working with their attorney to settle outside of the courtroom. A good personal injury attorney will recognize this and will carefully consider the details of your case, as well as… Read more »