Is Nursing Home Neglect Malpractice?

Nurse speaking with a client who suspects that their elderly loved one has been neglected and abused in a nursing home.

Nursing home residents often require medical attention to remain comfortable. Some nursing homes fail to provide their residents with consistent attention, though, let alone the medical care they need to overcome infections, pain, and discomfort. In Colorado, addressing nursing home neglect and malpractice involves specific challenges and legal considerations, particularly when dealing with a Colorado…

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5 Resources for Finding a Quality Colorado Nursing Home

Nursing home staff greeting a facility elderly patient.

Trusting a nursing home facility with the care of a family member is a challenge many families face in Colorado. Reports of elder abuse over the years have proven the severe and unfortunate effects of physical, mental, financial, and sexual abuse. Neglecting elders, especially in nursing home care, causes varying hardships in mental, physical, and…

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