Who May Be Liable in a Colorado Rideshare Accident?

Lyft driver in car; who is liable for uber and lyft accidents?

Companies such as Uber and Lyft offer popular apps to help people catch a ride or find a driver nearby to help them reach their destination. While these services offer many benefits, especially in busy cities, choosing ridesharing doesn’t eliminate the risks of getting into a car accident. Unfortunately, many people have been in a…

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What Rideshare Customers Should Know About Uber/Lyft Crashes

a woman hails a car

Using ridesharing services, like those offered by Uber and Lyft, should not be taken lightly. Ridesharing companies provide an important service to the public, but ridesharing comes with a certain level of risk. Below, we will discuss the most recent safety concerns that have been raised for such ridesharing services. If you have been involved…

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Top 4 Causes of Ridesharing Accidents in Colorado

a woman on her phone speaks to the driver of the car they're in

Ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft have become extremely popular modes of transportation. However, while these ridesharing services may offer convenience, they also pose unique dangers on the road. In Colorado, ridesharing accidents have resulted in numerous injuries for pedestrians, passengers, and occupants of other vehicles. Unfortunately, these accidents have also resulted in deaths for…

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