Denver’s Dismal Pedestrian Safety Record

Every year, nearly 6,000 pedestrians are killed by cars in cities across the United States, and thousands more are injured. Even though technological advancements like self-driving cars, auto-braking, and backup cameras are becoming more and more common, the number of pedestrian deaths has been on the rise for years. Of course, most pedestrian deaths caused… Read more »

New Traction Laws in Colorado: What You Need to Know

On May 17, Governor Jared Polis signed House Bill 1207, expanding Colorado’s traction laws. As you know, driving in Colorado can be dangerous. Even our major highways, like US 6 and Interstate 70, can run through terrain at more than 11,000 feet of elevation. In fact, the Eisenhower-Johnson Tunnel, at 11,158 feet, is the highest… Read more »

Seat Belt Laws in Colorado

We all know that failure to wear your seat belt can get you a ticket if you get pulled over — not to mention that almost half of people killed in car crashes weren’t wearing their seat belts. But did you know that failing to wear your seatbelt can negatively affect your personal injury claim… Read more »

Understanding Colorado’s Traction Laws

As every Coloradoan knows, our great state has gorgeous scenery throughout the entire year. Even when things turn cold and many areas are blanketed in snow, the effect is breathtaking. That’s probably why a lot of people love calling Colorado their home and why many residents and visitors love to take road trips, no matter… Read more »

The Road Warrior’s Guide to Holiday Travel

Although almost everyone’s favorite Chevy Chase movie around this time is Christmas Vacation, nobody should take any lessons from Clark Griswold when it comes to driving safely during the holidays. Clark and his family only survive their situation by dumb luck, but below are some more thought out tips for staying safe on the roads… Read more »

Trick-or-Treating Traffic Safety

Group of children trick-or-treating walking up to a house to collect candy

October has arrived, and that means the time has come once again for children and adults to venture out in their favorite Halloween costumes and enjoy this glorious holiday. Whether you choose to be a witch, superhero, video game character, or favorite movie heroine, you’re sure to have a wonderful time with friends and family…. Read more »