6 Tips for Driving in the Colorado Fog

As the weather cools down, Colorado drivers can expect an increase in fog formations. While certainly beautiful, fog can create extremely dangerous conditions on the road at any time of day. Knowing how to drive safely while in foggy weather is imperative to protecting yourself, your loved ones, and other drivers. Unfortunately, a large number… Read more »

How to Act on Social Media Following an Auto Accident

If you’re hooked on social media, you’re not alone. The majority of adult Americans are on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, and with these sites accessible via smartphone, it only takes seconds to share our lives with the world. While posting pictures of your family vacation or your new puppy can be a… Read more »

7 Tips for Driving in the Sun

Most people prefer not to drive after dark but have no problem with driving during the day. After all, daylight hours are the safest time to be on the road, right? While this is usually true, there may come a time when sunlight actually impairs your ability to drive safely. Sun glare happens when the… Read more »

Back-to-School Traffic Tips to Keep Your Children Safe

Summer is winding down, the days are getting shorter, and school is back in session. In addition to making sure that your children have all of their back-to-school supplies, it’s your job to also make sure that they’re safe at all times. This means that it’s time to review basic traffic safety tips that will… Read more »

Bike Safety Should Never Be Taken for Granted

Denver residents of all ages love to get outside and ride their bicycles when the weather is nice. Even with the ideal weather and longer daylight hours of summer, though, riding a bike can still come with its hazards. No matter how long you’ve been riding your bike or how much of an expert you… Read more »

5 Simple Ways to Avoid Auto Accidents

There’s nothing more convenient than being able to hop into your car and get from Point A to Point B. As convenient and fun as driving may be, however, it can also be quite dangerous. A recent survey conducted by the National Safety Council determined that 83 percent of drivers have safety concerns when behind… Read more »

Summer Bike Accidents — How to Keep Your Kids Safe

School’s out for the summer, the sun is out, the weather is fantastic, and the roads are becoming riskier. Unfortunately, the summer months tend to mean a rise in the number of motor vehicle accidents. Parents of school-aged children and teenagers should be concerned with this trend because it means there’s an increased risk for… Read more »

Please Don’t End Your Summer in an Auto Accident

Think summer is a safe time for driving? Think again. Although summer means longer daylight hours and improved driving conditions, you can’t be lulled into a false sense of security. Although the majority of drivers feel safer when driving throughout the summer, numerous reports from authorities like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and AAA… Read more »

Summer’s Still Here… and That Means More Dangerous Roads

Summer is a time for vacation, relaxation, and enjoying the outdoors. Summer is also, however, a dangerous time to be on the roads. But wait – how can that be? Aren’t the Colorado mountain roads much more dangerous during a snowy, icy winter? Not necessarily. In fact, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (or IIHS,… Read more »

Keeping Your Teen Safe from the Dangers of Driving with a Cellphone

If you’re like most parents, celebrating your child’s 16th birthday tends to come with mixed feelings. On one hand, you’re proud that your kid has earned his or her driver’s license, and you’re even a little bit excited to see them start embracing some independence. On the other hand, you’re terrified of letting them take… Read more »