What to Do If Your Child is Injured at a Ski Resort?

Skiing and snowboarding can be fun and exhilarating sports, which is probably why they’re so popular with kids. Unfortunately, they can also be dangerous. As parents, you know that any activity can potentially be dangerous for your child. Skiers are always at risk of getting hurt, but when does it become an injury that the…

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Ski Safety Act: What is it and How Does it Affect Your Claim

a yellow danger sign on a snowy mountain

While Colorado is known for its superb skiing locations, many locals and tourists do not know the laws that govern the slopes. The Ski Safety Act includes many rules and regulations about the responsibilities of skiers and ski operators and which parties may be held liable in the event of an accident. The Ski Safety…

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What is the Assumption of Risk for Skiers and Snowboarders in Colorado?

a skier lies on his back after falling in the snow

Despite being exciting and popular winter pastimes, skiing and snowboarding have inherent risks and dangers. Skiers and snowboarders assume these risks when they decide to make the journey up the slope. In other words, ski operators are protected from liability in the event of an accident because many ski and snowboarding accidents are outside of…

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What Duties are Imposed on Ski Operators Under the Ski Safety Act?

avalanche danger sign on mountain

While individual skiers have many duties and responsibilities to help prevent accidents on Colorado’s slopes, many factors are out of their hands. Ski operators also must do their part to avoid accidents and severe injuries under the Ski Safety Act. However, since both skiers and ski operators have several legal responsibilities, it can be challenging…

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Why Colorado Slopes Are Dangerous and How to Stay Safe

a woman skis down a mountain

Colorado is known for its gorgeous and thrilling ski slopes, and these attractions draw tourists from all over the United States. Unfortunately, many factors make skiing dangerous for first-timers and veterans alike. If you are considering a ski trip in Colorado, it is essential to be aware of the dangers and best safety practices to…

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What Are the Duties Imposed on Individual Skiers in Colorado?

a man skis down a mountain

When skiers and snowboarders hit the slopes in Colorado, they expect the facilities to be well-maintained and free of safety hazards caused by negligence. However, individual skiers also have many legal duties and responsibilities to prevent accidents while enjoying their winter sport of choice. Understanding these duties is essential to staying safe on the slopes…

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Are Damages Capped in a Ski-Related Personal Injury Claim?

a man carries a man on a gurney down a mountain

Many Coloradans and out-of-staters enjoy taking advantage of the state’s beautiful ski slopes and resorts as they enjoy the scenery and winter sports. Unfortunately, skiing and snowboarding can be dangerous pastimes. Ski accident victims often suffer severe injuries that can impact their daily lives. Often, victims are forced to contend with extended hospital stays and…

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Who Could be Liable for a Ski Accident?

Skiing is among the most exhilarating outdoor sports, but it comes with some inherent dangers that can lead to severe injuries. As a Colorado visitor or resident, the last thing you want is to be injured by someone else while skiing. Being injured in a ski accident doesn’t just mean canceling the fun day you…

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Safety on the Slopes: Precautions and Post-Accident Tips

Any Coloradoan can tell you that all winter long, skiing and snowboarding are more than activities – they’re way of life. Unfortunately, most of us understand the reality that quite a few accidents occur every year while people are enjoying themselves on the slopes. Just recently, we touched on what you should do in the…

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What to Do If You’re Injured by Someone on the Slopes

As the winter season unfolds, inviting outdoor enthusiasts to the slopes for exhilarating skiing and snowboarding adventures, it’s essential to recognize the potential risks that come with these thrilling activities. Ski slopes are beautiful and very alluring for both snow sports enthusiasts and families looking for a fun vacation. While most winter sports enthusiasts return…

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