Let’s Take a Look at a Few of the Most Accident-Prone Industries

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that approximately three percent of the United States workforce suffers an injury every single year. Regardless of the type of job you do, accidents can happen quickly and without warning, but some industries have proven themselves to be more dangerous than others. Here are the most accident-prone industries according to… Read more »

Tips to Navigate Winter Driving in Colorado Mountains (part 2)

First person driver view through windshield of a car speeding toward the eastbound entrance to the US Interstate 70 Hanging Lake Tunnel which carries the expressway through parallel tunnels under the massive granite rock mountain wall of Glenwood Canyon, near Glenwood Springs, Colorado in the Rocky Mountains Range. Winter in early February, 2016.

Earlier this week, we covered five tips to help you stay safe while driving in the Rocky Mountains and other areas of Colorado during the winter months. You can check out that first part of our two-part blog by clicking here. Once you’ve read over those helpful tips, check out these next five to round… Read more »

Tips to Navigate Winter Driving in Colorado Mountains (part 1)

If you live in Colorado, there’s a good chance that you understand how dangerous the roads can be when the weather turns cold. This is especially true when you’re driving in areas like the Rocky Mountains, where winter conditions can quickly turn deadly. We want you to avoid accidents throughout the season, so we’ve devised… Read more »

Improve Your Chances of Surviving in Aviation Accident

Aircraft accidents can be devastating and have a far-reaching impact. The Colorado aircraft accident attorneys at Mintz Law Firm LLC understand the unique challenges in aircraft accident cases. Our aviation injury attorneys have a thorough understanding of the law as it relates to personal injury and product liability as it related to the aviation industry. Studies… Read more »

Trampolines: Jumping into Danger

Trampolines provide endless hours of entertainment, exercise, and childhood memories for kids who get to enjoy them. Many parents purchase trampolines with the idea in mind that they want their kids to be outside playing instead of inside watching TV and to them it appears a trampoline is a great activity to release energy. However,… Read more »

5 Things You Should Know About Wrongful Death

1. Wrongful Death Cases: What Are They? Usually speaking, a wrongful death is a death incurred by someone’s negligence, such as carelessness, incompetence, or failure to act. A person crossing the street, killed by an intoxicated driver, an old woman killed by a  mugger for $20.00 in her purse, a pregnant mother struck down and… Read more »

Settlement Reached in Fatal Roller Coaster Accident

A settlement has been reached by the family of a double average Iraqi vet, who died in a roller coaster accident, and the amusement park where the accident occurred. The vet, James Hackemer was killed in July 2011, when he fell off the roller coaster. Hackemer was a double amputee and had lost both of… Read more »

Leafy Greens Number One Source of Food Poisoning

Your greens may be good for you, but they’re also the number-one source of food poisoning in the country.  According to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention analysis of the top food poisoning sources for Americans, leafy greens are at the top of the list. These leafy greens include lettuce and spinach, and according to the… Read more »

Traumatic brain injury can waste the brain’s mass by a third

The National Football League and the Canadian Football League have faced many suicides of players stricken with traumatic brain injury. Cumulative head trauma is the culprit. Another well known sports personality has died: Ted Toogood, a former Toronto Argonaut. Over the years he played the sport he loved, he was battered about the field in… Read more »

Colorado Wrongful Death

David Mintz at the Mintz Law Firm is very experienced with helping families get what they need when wrongful death has occurred. When a loved one dies unexpectedly at work or at the hospital, family members are always left in shock and stressed out. Naturally, one of the most difficult things to imagine is whether the person died… Read more »