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The average individual takes approximately 4,000 steps per day. Unfortunately, it only takes one to seriously alter or even end a person’s life. Data from the CDC indicates that millions of people are injured in slip and fall accidents every year. Here in Colorado, it’s not uncommon for victims to slip on icy sidewalks in front of businesses, pathways that haven’t been adequately maintained, or wet floors inside stores or restaurants. 

Denver Slip and Fall Lawyers

If you were injured because a business failed to maintain safe conditions on its property, you may be entitled to compensation. Reach out to an experienced slip and fall lawyer to help you recover damages for your injuries.

Who Is Liable for Slip and Fall Injuries in Denver?

State laws dictate that property owners have a legal obligation to provide a reasonably safe environment for anyone who lawfully enters their property or premises, known as a duty of care. Failure to keep the property reasonably safe is considered a breach of the owner's duty of care, making them liable for any injuries resulting from their property's unsafe conditions. 

Dealing with a slip and fall accident can become tricky for numerous reasons, especially when the area where the accident occurred falls between two different properties or is shared by more than one entity. Having an experienced Denver slip and fall attorney on your side will help you navigate these murky waters and potentially win your case.

Understanding Colorado Laws Surrounding Slip and Fall Cases

Victims can bring slip and fall cases into Colorado courts against the people, businesses, or entities responsible for the property where the injury occurred. There are numerous situations where premises liability claims can be the best course of action for pursuing justice for your injury. Some of the most common examples of premises liability cases include:

  • Steps that have not been constructed in compliance with state and local building codes that cause a victim to trip and fall
  • Floors that have been mopped and waxed by maintenance workers where no sign is posted to warn people about slippery conditions, leading to a slip and fall incident
  • Businesses, schools, hospitals, churches, and other organizations that expect high volumes of foot traffic yet fail to use rock salt or ice melt to rid their sidewalks of dangerous ice, causing a victim to slip and fall

If you have any other questions about laws that dictate slip-and-fall injury cases, we encourage you to work with a Denver slip and fall attorney from Mintz Law Firm. Our team is dedicated to serving victims and survivors during challenging times, and we can help you understand laws and standard practices that apply to your case needs.

What is the Statute of Limitations for a Slip and Fall Case in Denver?

Colorado has a statute of limitations on filing a personal injury case, so victims have a limited time to pursue compensation. In the case of a slip and fall accident, Colorado gives injured people two years from the date of the injury to file a lawsuit in the state’s civil court system. If the lawsuit is filed after this two-year deadline has expired, the court may throw out the case without hearing it.

The statute of limitations makes it far easier for the court to weigh each side of the case as fairly as possible, making it possible for each side to collect and analyze viable evidence. This limitation also ensures some flexibility for all parties involved, but we recommend you attempt to take legal action as soon as possible. Working with a Denver slip and fall lawyer from Mintz Law Firm will allow the court to take your claims seriously and complete proceedings much faster.

Do I Have a Slip and Fall Case? Ask Yourself These Five Questions

If you’ve slipped and fallen on someone’s property as a result of their negligence, don’t let their carelessness go unpunished. While every slip and fall case is unique, you can get a pretty good idea of how strong your case is by asking these five questions:

  • Was someone else at fault for your injuries? To seek economic and non-economic damages, you must be able to demonstrate that your injury was the direct result of a negligent party. 
  • Could the accident have been prevented? Ask yourself if there's anything that you could have done to prevent the accident from happening. Consider factors like the circumstances that caused the injury, whether someone had time to resolve those circumstances, and whether negligence was involved. 
  • Did anyone see me fall? If bystanders are in the area, quickly determine if anyone witnessed your fall. If so, ask for their names and contact information. Their statements could be helpful to your case.
  • Was the area closed to customers with a warning posted? A property owner should do everything possible to notify and protect those on the property, including barricading off the hazardous area. 
  • Were you showing ordinary care? Ordinary care means the caution that a reasonable person would exercise. In the case of a slip and fall injury, both parties are responsible for showing ordinary care to keep themselves and those on their property safe.

Many people associate slip and fall accidents with wet surfaces in stores or icy sidewalks. However, slip and fall accidents can occur in any location and under any number of circumstances. An injury from a fall at work, at home, on private land, or at a business place can change your life forever in a matter of seconds.

Proving a Slip and Fall Claim in Denver

If you have been involved in a slip and fall that caused serious bodily harm, you may want to take legal action and hold the liable parties accountable for their actions. Unfortunately, you will need to prove that specific individuals are genuinely responsible for your damages and other losses. To verify your slip and fall claim, you will need to display the following items as accurate:

  • Someone owed you some duty of care, such as the owner of the premises
  • The duty of care was violated by that person acting negligently
  • You were injured directly due to the incident
  • Damages and losses are directly connected to the injuries and incident

Collected evidence may be necessary to show that another person is liable for your losses. Commonly, medical bills will directly connect your injuries to the incident. You can also directly identify economic losses using paystubs, property damage bills, receipts, and other documentation. 

How Can a Slip and Fall Attorney Help You?

If you are involved in legal matters, including a slip and fall incident resulting in severe injuries, a Denver slip and fall attorney can support you in many ways, including making it easier to navigate the court system with confidence, completing and filing paperwork, and far more. Your slip and fall attorney will have the experience necessary to support you during your time of need.

We encourage you to avoid representing yourself during legal matters of any kind, including those where you suffer serious bodily harm. Proving another party is guilty can be difficult, but you can also make mistakes that result in reduced compensation, make legal matters take longer, and increase your stress levels unnecessarily. 

Our team also provides free consultations and works on a contingency fee basis so that you can maintain your financial stability without additional worry.

Contact Experienced Denver Slip and Fall Lawyers

Slip and fall accidents may seem like everyday accidents that everyone has dealt with before, but don't underestimate how harmful they can be. You could end up in immense pain and sustain severe injuries because of your accident. If your slip and fall accident resulted from negligence, you should consider seeking compensation for your medical bills and other accident-related expenses.

With the help of the trusted Denver slip and fall attorneys at Mintz Law Firm, you may be able to recover damages from your slip and fall accident. The personal injury attorneys at Mintz Law Firm have over 150 years of combined experience in Colorado personal injury law. They will work with you to achieve the best possible results based on the facts of your injury. Our legal staff is compassionate enough to empathize with victims of negligence and will work tirelessly to safeguard your rights. To schedule a free consultation, call (303) 462-2999 or complete our contact form today.


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