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Dogs may be man's best friends, but they can also inflict a great deal of physical harm, stress, and emotional damage. The Center for Disease Control reports that 2% of the U.S. population (4.7 million people) are bitten by dogs each year - even by dogs that previously showed no signs of aggression. Whether the dog was known to be vicious or not, though, victims have the right to seek medical and financial compensation from the aggressing canine's owners. Colorado law protects victims by requiring dog owners to take responsibility for any injuries inflicted upon others by their animals. The owners must cover all financial damages - medical and otherwise - for an attack that causes serious bodily injury. Let our Denver dog bite lawyers help you heal by getting your case started today.

"Victims of dog bites are allowed to immediately pursue justice against a dog owner."

It wasn't too long ago that fighting for justice in a dog bite case was a difficult task, indeed. As recently as 2003, the victims of dog bite injuries were required to prove that the dog owner had prior knowledge of the dog's dangerous behaviors and aggressive tendencies before the incident arose. This required extensive research into the dog's past through talking with neighbors about the dog and obtaining information from the animal control office in the appropriate jurisdiction or consulting with the canine's veterinarian. In 2004, Colorado law regarding dog bite claims changed drastically. Today, victims are allowed to immediately pursue justice against a dog owner when the dog causes serious bodily injury, regardless of whether the owner had any knowledge of prior incidents with their pet or of any aggressive tendencies in the canine. This makes it much easier for victims to receive the care and compensation they deserve. In cases where children are bitten by dogs, the consequences can be even graver. Because of their size, small children are prone to suffering from larger scale injuries, and can even be emotionally and mentally scarred by the incident. Unfortunately, dog bites to little ones happen more often than you'd like to think. In fact, canine bites are the second leading cause of visits to the emergency room for kids. While it's important to educate children to approach strange dogs with caution and provide supervision to children and dogs as they interact with one another, dog owners should still be held responsible for any physical or mental injury inflicted upon little ones after an incident with their pet. Find a dog bite lawyer near you for legal representation. Our Denver dog bite attorneys are capable of proving that the dog owner was primarily responsible for the damages done to your child, so that justice can be served.

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