Spring Break Road Trip Travel Guide

Whether you’re a youngster with a week off from school, a college-aged student with energy to burn, or a parent with kids in tow, spring break is a perfect time to plan a road trip. When done right, this well-needed vacation can bring friends and family closer together and can reinvigorate you for the rest… Read more »

Stay on the Right Side of Luck This St. Patrick’s Day

When St. Patrick’s Day arrives this year, millions of people across the country will once again be attending late night celebrations with their family and friends at bars and private parties. While most people will play it safe and be responsible, the truth is that there is a heightened danger for traffic accidents due to… Read more »

The Road Warrior’s Guide to Holiday Travel

Although almost everyone’s favorite Chevy Chase movie around this time is Christmas Vacation, nobody should take any lessons from Clark Griswold when it comes to driving safely during the holidays. Clark and his family only survive their situation by dumb luck, but below are some more thought out tips for staying safe on the roads… Read more »

National Youth Traffic Safety Month and Keeping Your Children Safe

Closeup woman hand sitting inside car fastening seat belt. Safety belt safety first.

Every parent fears for their child’s safety, whether it’s when they’re swimming in the backyard pool, riding a bike through the neighborhood, or playing in contact sports. In fact, it’s rare that a day goes by when a loving parent isn’t stressing about something that their child is doing either at home or away. Many parents would… Read more »

Distracted Driving Is a Danger to You and Everyone Around You

Texting while driving car. Irresponsible man sending sms and using smartphone. Writing and typing message with cellphone in vehicle.

We might as well label the time period we’re living in right now as “the era of distractions.” There are so many things that seem to demand our attention at any given time. There are texts to read, video clips to watch, new food to eat, online articles to read, social media statuses to update,… Read more »

Why You Should Avoid Driving After Smoking Marijuana

Man holding joint

Whether you smoke marijuana or prefer to ingest it in some form of edible, the number one concern at all times is to maintain your own safety and the safety of others. This obviously goes for those who use marijuana for medical reasons or enjoy it recreationally. You’d think that driving after smoking or ingesting… Read more »

At Fault: Un- or Underinsured Drivers Can Cause Serious Damage

Cars stuck in traffic at an intersection

While the majority of Coloradans accept financial responsibility when they cause an auto accident, there are individuals who choose to head out on the open road with insufficient insurance coverage – or no insurance coverage at all. These under-insured or uninsured drivers can create serious – and seriously expensive – problems for you in the… Read more »

Quick Tips to Be a Better Driver in 2018

Traffic safety should always be something you’re thinking about. After all, that’s how you stay safe in the first place. In addition to the tried and true safety tips, such as always checking your blind spot (even if your car has blind spot safety features) and looking both ways before crossing an intersection, here are… Read more »