What to Do If Your Child is Injured at a Ski Resort?

What to Do If Your Child is Injured at a Ski Resort?

What to Do If Your Child is Injured at a Ski Resort?

Skiing and snowboarding can be fun and exhilarating sports, which is probably why they’re so popular with kids. Unfortunately, they can also be dangerous. As parents, you know that any activity can potentially be dangerous for your child. Skiers are always at risk of getting hurt, but when does it become an injury that the ski resort is liable for? 

At Mintz Law Firm, we help our clients navigate the complexities of suing a ski resort whenever necessary. The law goes to great lengths to protect ski resorts from legal liability for any skier’s injury. However, the law also imposes significant responsibility on ski resorts to protect their customers from dangers not inherent to skiing. The personal injury lawyers at Mintz Law Firm may be able to help your family hold a negligent ski resort liable for the injuries your child suffers. Contact us today to learn more about pursuing a personal injury claim against a ski resort

When Can You Sue a Ski Resort if Your Child is Injured?

Ski resorts must strictly adhere to the requirements set forth by Colorado’s Ski Safety and Liability Act. The law places legal duties on resorts to protect guests from hazards not inherent to skiing or snowboarding. Some of those responsibilities include the following:

  • Posting signage for safe loading and unloading chairlifts
  • Maintaining a sign system that skiers and tramway users can easily understand
  • Inspecting all trams for defects
  • Equipping grooming vehicles with lights
  • Clearly marking ski area boundaries
  • Placing notices at the trailhead if grooming equipment is in use on the trail that is open to the public
  • Keeping parked grooming vehicles and equipment visible to trail users
  • Ensuring man-made hazards, like downed wires, and other artificial obstructions are clearly marked

When a resort fails to carry out any of the actions listed above and your child is injured as a result of this negligence, you may have a valid claim against the resort. Also, collecting as much information as possible from the other parties involved, witnesses, and even the ski patrol that arrived at the accident scene can be crucial to validate your claim.

What Are the Dangers and Risks That Are Inherent to Skiing? 

Colorado law expressly prohibits skiers and snowboarders from suing to recover compensation from a ski resort for injuries that are considered an inherent risk of the sport. Before proceeding with a claim against the resort if your child was injured at the resort, it’s important to understand what these inherent risks and dangers are according to Colorado law. These include:

  • Variable weather conditions
  • Variable surface conditions
  • Dangers beneath the surface of the snow
  • Bare spots
  • Signs
  • Towers
  • Water pipes
  • Hydrants 
  • Elevation changes
  • Terrain changes

Additionally, skiers and snowboarders must perform the sport according to their ability, maintain a safe speed, avoid colliding with others, and obey all signage and warnings. 

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While your child being injured at a ski resort doesn’t automatically mean the resort is liable, if they are, Mintz Law Firm will go above and beyond to ensure the resort is held accountable. We know how quick ski resorts are to try and point the blame away from themselves. Our attorneys have the experience, skills, and resources necessary to ensure that they don’t succeed in undermining or denying a valid claim. 

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