5 Resources for Finding a Quality Colorado Nursing Home

5 Resources for Finding a Quality Colorado Nursing Home

Trusting a nursing home facility with the care of a family member is a challenge many families face in Colorado. Reports of elder abuse over the years have proven the severe and unfortunate effects of physical, mental, financial, and sexual abuse. Neglecting elders, especially in nursing home care, causes varying hardships in mental, physical, and emotional health. 

While there are dangers in negligent nursing homes, there are resources that help family members and caregivers find a safe and quality living situation for their loved ones. At Mintz Law Firm, our experienced team has helped many families and elderly residents within the Denver, Colorado, community to recover compensation from the damages and hardships a negligent nursing facility caused them. 

5 Resources for Finding a Quality Nursing Home in Colorado

As the body ages, different challenges and medical conditions may require around-the-clock assistance for many Americans. In Colorado, many nursing homes and long-term care facilities are built to offer quality assistance and care for seniors. Here are some of the valuable resources you may explore to find a quality nursing home:

  1. Medicare’s Nursing Home Comparison 

Insurance companies often build relationships with healthcare facilities, such as senior living facilities. Medicare’s nursing home comparison gives ample information about local providers, facilities, and centers for senior living. Each facility has ratings, and additional details give a simple overview of its offerings. 

  1. Department of Human Services

A state’s local department of human services offers vital resources and contact information for essential facilities, groups, and services. When searching for a good nursing care facility, using a social worker and the work of other experienced professionals may help you find the best place for long-term senior care. 

  1. Long-Term Care Ombudsman

An ombudsperson can come in handy for various resources on advocacy, community information, legal support, and resources, as well as experienced professionals that help others. Visiting a long-term care ombudsman may be the stepping stone to finding a trustworthy long-term care facility for older adults that require quality support. 

  1. Personal References 

At times, natural and valuable resources may come from a neighbor, friend, support group, or other family member facing a similar situation. Personal references for a quality nursing home in the Denver community may help you feel more at ease and comfortable because someone else has been in your shoes and shared a positive experience. 

  1. Colorado Association of Homes and Services for the Aging 

Quality care and safety for residents may not always be easy to find, especially with negative past experiences. Many individuals hesitate to seek care for themselves or a senior family member that requires support. The Colorado Association of Homes and Services for the Aging offers lists of partnerships and senior-friendly facilities that keep the health and safety of elders at the forefront of their care. 

How a Lawyer Helps Protect the Rights of Elders in Senior Nursing Homes

In Colorado, residents have rights while residing in a long-term care facility. Facility conditions, policies, employed professionals, and other aspects of a nursing home can influence the quality of life that residents experience. With a nursing home lawyer, elderly resident or their concerned family members can make an effort to take legal action against negligent facilities that fail to follow their duty of care. With the help of an experienced legal team, investigation and evidence may be discovered. A nursing home neglect lawyer may obtain testimony and other aspects of a lawsuit successfully and efficiently. 

Call Mintz Law Firm to Consult an Understanding Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in Colorado

In Colorado, filing a complaint against negligent care and abuse of a nursing home resident is the start of seeking justice for a nursing facility abuse survivor. Additionally, seeking legal help from an experienced attorney at Mintz Law Firm can help you take legal action against the nursing home facility responsible for the injuries, damage, and abuse sustained. 

When family members are treated wrongly or neglected, the effects transcend to close family members. Entrust our nursing home abuse attorney to seek justice and gather compensation to aid recovery and long-term necessities. Complete a contact form or call us at (303) 462-2999, and our team members will help you book a free consultation. 

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