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What Are Colorado’s Laws Regarding Helmets for Cycling?

By mintzdev | March 1, 2022

Riding a bicycle in Colorado is an excellent pastime that many locals and tourists partake in. The beautiful landscape and terrain offer many opportunities to exercise and enjoy the outdoors but may also bring challenges when bicycle accidents occur. There are different ways to keep safe and use caution as a Colorado cyclist, and wearing…

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Understanding Pedestrian Crosswalk Laws In Colorado

By mintzdev | February 22, 2022

Accidents with pedestrians can occur anytime, especially in busy cities and roadways throughout the United States. Colorado is no exception to this, as there has been an 89% increase in pedestrian deaths over a ten-year analysis. With many unfortunate accidents occurring between pedestrians and drivers, it is essential to understand pedestrian crosswalk laws in Colorado.…

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Can You File an Accident Claim with No Police Report in Colorado?

By mintzdev | February 17, 2022

People may think that reporting an accident is unnecessary, but a police report can be beneficial when filing for personal injury and an auto accident claim. At times, minor accidents and incidents occur without contacting law enforcement or filing a police report. Suppose your car was hardly damaged or in a minor accident. In that…

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Who is Liable for a Broken Sidewalk Accident in Colorado?

By mintzdev | February 11, 2022

When hazardous or damaged walkways cause people to slip and fall or suffer injuries due to it not being maintained, it is understandable to wonder who is responsible for these accidents that occur. In Colorado, cities like Denver have held property owners accountable for installing and maintaining sidewalks within the public right of way. If…

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What to Do If You’re Injured on Private Property in Colorado

By mintzdev | February 8, 2022

When you have suffered an injury on private property, you have the right to file a claim and seek compensation for the suffering and damage you’ve endured. Slip and fall accidents in Colorado happen often, and injured individuals have two years to claim the date of the accident. After a slip and fall, a personal…

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What to Know About Sharing Medical Records with Insurance Companies in Colorado

By mintzdev | February 3, 2022

Each time you go to your doctor’s office and consult with your physician, your encounters are recorded and stored in your personal medical record. After any accident, whether in a car collision or slip and fall accident, injured individuals often visit their doctor to treat their injuries and document their recovery in their record. In…

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Can a Person’s Insurance Carrier Increase Their Rates If They Make a MedPay/UM/UIM Claim?

By mintzdev | January 30, 2022

Getting into a car accident is a jarring and stressful experience. An accident can be even more challenging to deal with if the other driver is uninsured or if you were at fault for the accident. Fortunately, Colorado has insurance coverage options such as MedPay, Uninsured Motorist (UM), and Underinsured Motorist (UIM) that can cover…

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5 Common Reasons Insurance Companies Deny Colorado Accident Claims

By mintzdev | January 23, 2022

Filing a claim with an insurance company after an accident should be smooth and straightforward. When the injuries you sustained in an accident are due to someone’s negligence, filing a claim is your way of recovering financial compensation to help you recover and return to your daily life. Unfortunately, filing a claim to recover damages…

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Colorado Ranked among the Top 5 Worst States for Drivers

By mintzdev | January 16, 2022

Each of the fifty states is vastly different. This means that each state has its own unique characteristics that make it a suitable or unsuitable place for drivers. To determine which states are the worst and best for drivers, Bankrate analyzed diverse datasets covering safety, driving quality, and weather in each state. The study found…

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Will Making a Claim for Uninsured Motorists Raise My Insurance Rates?

By mintzdev | January 9, 2022

When a person is in an accident that isn’t their fault and they sustain damages or injuries, they understandably want financial compensation to make up for the losses they sustained. However, when the at-fault driver is uninsured or doesn’t have enough insurance coverage for the damages, it may become more complicated to recover compensation. Accidents…

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