How Construction Site Workers Optimize Compensation Claims

Working in construction is an attractive job for millions of people across the country. There are a wide variety of roles for a person to choose from, the pay is usually quite good, and most of the time, it provides stable employment. Unfortunately, construction jobs also lead to thousands of workers’ compensation claims every year… Read more »

7 Safety Tips for Springtime Cyclists

After an especially harsh winter, particularly the cold snap that swept through nearly the entire nation, most of us are probably looking forward to some beautiful, springtime weather. Yes, it’s sad that we’ll be ditching our snowboards and skiing equipment, but there are plenty of activities for you to enjoy. Springtime cycling is a wonderful… Read more »

Understanding Colorado’s Traction Laws

As every Coloradoan knows, our great state has gorgeous scenery throughout the entire year. Even when things turn cold and many areas are blanketed in snow, the effect is breathtaking. That’s probably why a lot of people love calling Colorado their home and why many residents and visitors love to take road trips, no matter… Read more »

Spring Break Road Trip Travel Guide

Whether you’re a youngster with a week off from school, a college-aged student with energy to burn, or a parent with kids in tow, spring break is a perfect time to plan a road trip. When done right, this well-needed vacation can bring friends and family closer together and can reinvigorate you for the rest… Read more »

Stay on the Right Side of Luck This St. Patrick’s Day

When St. Patrick’s Day arrives this year, millions of people across the country will once again be attending late night celebrations with their family and friends at bars and private parties. While most people will play it safe and be responsible, the truth is that there is a heightened danger for traffic accidents due to… Read more »

Workers’ Compensation Statistics That You May Not Know

Although most jobs are relatively safe, sustaining an injury from an acute incident is never outside the realm of possibility. If the injury is severe enough, then you may find yourself submitting a workers’ compensation claim. It’s very possible that you don’t know a lot about workers’ compensation, and that’s perfectly okay. We’ve covered some… Read more »

Staying Safe on Winter Construction Sites

If you work on a construction site, you already know that safety is a top priority. With all the equipment and personnel around, it only takes a minute for an injury to occur, and that injury could be quite severe. Winter construction sites can present a unique situation that we must always prepare for. To… Read more »

Winter Vehicle Maintenance

Every Coloradoan understands that traffic safety becomes a huge issue during the winter season. This is one reason why we’ve covered proper safety while driving on the ice so extensively in the past couple of months. In addition to understanding how to drive safely on icy roads, it’s important that you exercise proper winter automobile… Read more »