The Dangers of Driving On Drugs

Drugs and Driving Most people have heard the term, “Don’t Drink and Drive” and “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk.” But not as many people realize that there are many dangers associated with getting behind the wheel of a car (or bus, train, or plane) while high on marijuana or any drug for that matter…. Read more »

Teen Drinking & Driving

Teenage drinking and driving causes thousands of preventable deaths every year and seriously injures thousands more people. Parents can help prevent these accidents by learning about teenage drinking and driving and taking steps to discourage their teens from driving drunk or riding with a drunk driver. Teen drunk driving is a serious problem for the… Read more »

Colorado Teen Drivers and Applying for a New License

A new enjoyment while being a teenage is getting a license and driving for the first time, and having the freedom to go where they would like. Unfortunately for some teens, they take advantage of this privilege, resulting in tragic consequences. State and national statistics prove that this is true: Nationally and in Colorado, motor vehicle accidents are the… Read more »

Driving Safely and Staying Out of a Truck’s Blind Spots

Driving alongside large semi- trucks and passing them up is a normal part of everyday travel for most of us. Even though it may be a part of everyday life, something that many motorists don’t realize that big semi-trucks have blind spots and invalidly assume that because the truck driver sits higher up, the truck… Read more »

Eliminate Blind Spot – Avoid Auto Accident

Tips on How to Greatly Reduce our “Blind Spot” There are thousands of motor vehicle accidents each day and one of the main causes is the “blind spot.” An accident caused by a blind spot is typical when a motorist is switching lanes without noticing another motor vehicle coming up from the side. It is… Read more »

Plane Crash Survival Tips: Improve Your Chances of Surviving in Aviation Accident

Aircraft accidents can be devastating and have a far-reaching impact. The Colorado aircraft accident attorneys at Mintz Law Firm LLC understand the unique challenges in aircraft accident cases. Our aviation injury attorneys have a thorough understanding of the law as it relates to personal injury and product liability as it related to the aviation industry. Studies… Read more »

Dram Shop Laws

What Are Dram Shop Laws?   Have you recently been hurt in a drunken driver accident? Seeking legal advice after an auto accident may be the best thing you can. Learn about how dram shop laws on our Colorado personal injury blog. Most states have some sort of dram shop law that allows victims of… Read more »

Certain Categories of Men More Likely to Suffer Brain Injury

Males are much more likely to suffer a brain injury, than women are.  However, certain sections of men, like low-income males may be much more likely to suffer a brain injury than other men. New research suggests to that young men who have low incomes, and who have poor mental skills are at a much… Read more »

More Parents Must Be Educated about Car Seat Safety

When children are involved in an accident, being restrained in a car seat can mean the difference between life and death for the child.  However, many parents continue to be ignorant or negligent about the proper ways to restrain their child in a car seat.  In fact, a new study finds that emergency departments in… Read more »

Identity of man hit by Denver light rail train revealed

The man who died after being struck by a light rail train early Wednesday  morning has been identified as Delrod Spearman, 29, of Denver. The accident happened near the West 10th Avenue and Osage Street light rail  station at approximately 5:20 a.m., according to a press release from the Denver  Office of the Medical Examiner…. Read more »