Workers’ Compensation Statistics That You May Not Know

Although most jobs are relatively safe, sustaining an injury from an acute incident is never outside the realm of possibility. If the injury is severe enough, then you may find yourself submitting a workers’ compensation claim. It’s very possible that you don’t know a lot about workers’ compensation, and that’s perfectly okay. We’ve covered some… Read more »

Staying Safe on Winter Construction Sites

If you work on a construction site, you already know that safety is a top priority. With all the equipment and personnel around, it only takes a minute for an injury to occur, and that injury could be quite severe. Winter construction sites can present a unique situation that we must always prepare for. To… Read more »

Winter Vehicle Maintenance

Every Coloradoan understands that traffic safety becomes a huge issue during the winter season. This is one reason why we’ve covered proper safety while driving on the ice so extensively in the past couple of months. In addition to understanding how to drive safely on icy roads, it’s important that you exercise proper winter automobile… Read more »

What to Do When You Spot an Aggressive Driver

Aggressive drivers can be the source of a lot of anxiety for fellow drivers on the road. Unexpected maneuvers, reckless driving, and more can put the aggressive driver and other in dangerous situations. It’s important to learn what to do when you spot a driver like this so that you can, pardon the pun, steer… Read more »

Safety Tips for Winter Motorcycle Riding

With millions of registered motorcycles in the United States, the importance of motorcycle safety cannot be understated. In fact, we’ve touched on this subject several times in the past, the most recent of which covered safety tips to remember during cross-country adventures. The winter season comes with a unique set of dangers due to icy… Read more »

How to Maximize Your Workers Comp Claim

With so many hard-working men and women in the workforce today, the possibility of being injured on the job is a real concern for millions of Americans. When you are no longer able to work or are limited in what you can do because of a serious injury, workers’ compensation can help you receive financial… Read more »

Safety Precautions to Keep You Safe on Icy Roads

Every year, videos are posted online that show vehicles slipping and sliding across the ice, their drivers having lost complete control over their motor vehicles. While these may be funny to watch at first, the injuries that can occur during such an incident are clearly a concern for all drivers. Traveling on icy roads is… Read more »

Safety on the Slopes: Precautions and Post-Accident Tips

Any Coloradoan can tell you that all winter long, skiing and snowboarding are more than activities – they’re way of life. Unfortunately, most of us understand the reality that quite a few accidents occur every year while people are enjoying themselves on the slopes. Just recently, we touched on what you should do in the… Read more »

The Road Warrior’s Guide to Holiday Travel

Although almost everyone’s favorite Chevy Chase movie around this time is Christmas Vacation, nobody should take any lessons from Clark Griswold when it comes to driving safely during the holidays. Clark and his family only survive their situation by dumb luck, but below are some more thought out tips for staying safe on the roads… Read more »