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Will My Car Insurance Rate Increase if I Use Med-Pay in Colorado?

By mintzdev | January 2, 2022

After a car accident where you’ve sustained injuries, the first priority is your health. Once you are stabilized and recovering from any injuries, you can focus on paying for the medical expenses related to your accident. In most cases, some form of insurance will pay for the medical bills. Medical payments coverage (Med-Pay) provides reasonable…

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Getting a Police Report after a Car Crash and Why You Should Get One (Part 2)

By mintzdev | December 25, 2021

Victims can be left with life-altering injuries and losses when a car crash occurs. Each year, there are over six million car accidents that are reported in the United States. After a car accident, there are steps that the drivers and passengers involved should take to ensure their safety and well-being regarding their claim. Mintz…

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Getting a Police Report after a Car Crash and Why You Should Get One (Part 1)

By mintzdev | December 22, 2021

A car accident can happen in the blink of an eye, leaving victims with life-altering injuries. Car accident victims are often left feeling disoriented and overwhelmed as they try to adjust to what has occurred after a crash. While the moments following the accident may be hazy, there are important steps every car accident victim…

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Should You Give Recorded Statements to Insurance Adjusters?

By mintzdev | December 15, 2021

The aftermath of a car accident can be extremely overwhelming. Not only are the shock and trauma of the accident hard to navigate, but it’s likely you’ll start to be contacted by a variety of parties, such as insurance company representatives and bill collectors. The representative from the insurance company that contacts you is referred…

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How Can You Tell if You Suffered a Concussion after a Colorado Accident?

By mintzdev | December 8, 2021

After any kind of motor vehicle accident, it’s essential to see a medical professional. Even if you don’t have any obvious injuries or pain, it’s still important to seek medical attention, as many conditions can have a delayed onset. One such injury is a concussion. A concussion is one kind of traumatic brain injury that…

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Understanding the 4 Types of Disability in a Worker’s Comp Case

By mintzdev | December 1, 2021

In Colorado, workers’ compensation provides essential financial relief and coverage for medical bills related to injuries that happened on the job. In addition to providing compensation for medical care and expenses, workers’ compensation provides additional benefits to individuals who become disabled due to their injury. There are four different kinds of disability benefits you can…

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What to Know About Colorado’s Dog Bite Laws

By mintzdev | November 24, 2021

Dog bites are a serious matter. They can cause injuries, such as infection, that might not be immediately visible but have the potential to cause even more damage over time. For some, dog bites are even life-threatening. Sometimes, these injuries are so severe that they require reconstructive surgery or amputation of an extremity. If you…

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What Rideshare Customers Should Know About Uber/Lyft Crashes

By mintzdev | November 19, 2021

Using ridesharing services, like those offered by Uber and Lyft, should not be taken lightly. Ridesharing companies provide an important service to the public, but ridesharing comes with a certain level of risk. Below, we will discuss the most recent safety concerns that have been raised for such ridesharing services. If you have been involved…

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Understanding Colorado’s Wet Floor Sign Laws

By mintzdev | November 15, 2021

The presence, or absence, of a wet floor sign can be a determining factor in the direction a Colorado slip and fall case goes. If you want to hold a property owner legally liable for your slip and fall case, then it will come down to being able to prove that the property owner failed…

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Understanding “Loss of Enjoyment” in a Colorado Personal Injury Case 

By mintzdev | November 10, 2021

In a personal injury case, “loss of enjoyment” is a subjective measure that can be used to quantify certain damages that a victim has sustained. For example, if an individual suffers a head injury and cannot enjoy many of their favorite activities, they may be able to sue for the decrease in enjoyment they have…

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