David J. Mintz

David J. Mintz


Mr. Mintz was born in NYC and grew up on the North shore of Long Island, moving to Colorado in 1972 to attend the University of Colorado in Boulder.

From the time David graduated from the University Of Denver Sturm College Of Law in 1980 he knew he wanted to help people in their insurance claims against corporations and insurance companies.

He was inspired to be a personal injury attorney by the social changes in the 1960s and 1970 and the great work done by lawyers to expand the civil rights of regular people. He has always represented people to make sure that they received the rights to which they are entitled under the law, sometimes at personal risk, and has never represented corporations or big businesses.

Since 1980,  David J. Mintz has represented literally thousands of people over the last thirty-three (33) years against the interest of big companies, such as insurance companies.

He has been involved in quite a few big cases and some landmark cases; one he is most proud of was quite complicated with multiple parties, took seven (7) years to litigate from beginning to end, and the fight to protect his clients from being improperly charged for services and protect their interests, ended with a favorable unanimous decision rendered by the Colorado supreme court in 2012. The seminal ruling protects lawyers from being sued in Colorado when they are acting as a lawyer to protect their clients’ interests.

David has put together a staff of lawyers and paralegals at the Mintz Law Firm, LLC that all believe in the same philosophy – that is getting people generous compensation for their injuries is the most important thing, more so than the insurance company’s bottom line.

David lives in Clear Creek County, Colorado, and represents many folks in the mountain community. A large part of his practice is generated by referrals of previous clients who believe they got great results and were treated with great respect by the firm, and that the firm “shot straight” with them.

David has interest in martial arts and after many years of study and teaching, Mr. Mintz received a black belt in Chinese art called Kung Fu San Soo. He also enjoys motorcycle riding. He has represented many clients injured on their motorcycles. He has always wanted to go the extra mile for his clients. He oversees the running of the Mintz Law Firm, LLC and if there is an issue with respect to a client’s satisfaction, he tries to make sure that his firm and personal injury attorneys do the right thing.

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Practice Areas

Auto Accident

Brain Injury

Personal Injury

Motorcycle Accident

Animal & Dog Bite

Truck Accident

Construction Injury

Wrongful Death


Case Type: Construction Injury

Our client was catastrophically injured while at work by an outside company. This construction worker was severely hurt while doing his job on a high-rise tower in Denver, Colorado. The horrifying accident left our client paralyzed from the waist down. He has three children and a wife. His life will never be the same, he will never work again. Although his life has been changed forever and he will never physically be the same, he can now at least live comfortably financially and medically for the rest of his life.

Settlement: $2,700,000

The results on our site are only to provide examples of the types of personal injury cases we handle. Those examples are not a guarantee of future results. Mintz Law Firm, LLC does not guarantee the result or outcome of any case. Every case is unique and the outcome is based on the applicable laws, facts, and conditions.

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