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Dog bites and similar animal attacks can result in serious injuries, medical expenses, and undue stress due to the negligent actions of a dog or its owner. Holding the responsible individual accountable for their actions and your losses can be difficult, not to mention overwhelming if you aren’t familiar with the avenues available to you. We know it can be frustrating to be pulled away from your other responsibilities and daily tasks while you focus on your health and recovery, but you don’t need to face these challenges alone.

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If you want to take legal action against the individuals responsible for your dog bite injuries, the Englewood, CO dog bite attorneys at Mintz Law Firm can help you get the compensation and care you deserve. Our team has a track record of bringing our clients the success they need. We proudly serve clients in Englewood and surrounding areas in Colorado, meaning we will also be happy to help you during this difficult time. 

How Do You Determine Fault in a Dog Bite Case?

In Colorado, the fault for dog bite injuries is based on comparative fault. This means that liability may belong to more than one party, depending on how responsible they are for the incident and the resulting damages. For example, if Party A’s dog bites Party B for no reason, 100% of the liability may lie with Party A. But if Party B taunts Party A’s dog and encourages violent behavior, the fault may be split. Therefore, Party B may only qualify for a small portion of the compensatory value.

Colorado law also dictates that you cannot obtain compensation for a dog bite injury if you are found more than 50% liable for the incident. Because there is a significant risk in representing yourself during these claims, especially if there is a chance of split liability, it’s best to work with a dog bite lawyer.

What Compensation Can You Get From an Englewood Dog Bite Lawsuit?

If you suffer severe injuries or emotional trauma after a dog bite incident, you may be entitled to compensation. Payments from the liable party and their insurance policy can increase the likelihood of your recovery, ease the stress from your financial obligations, and allow you to regain a sense of normalcy. The following damages may qualify for compensation:

  • Attorney fees
  • Medical bills, including those for hospital care, physical therapy, mental health assistance, and necessary future treatments
  • Property damages
  • Lost wages from time taken off work
  • Loss of wage-earning potential
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Scarring and disfigurement

Other damages may qualify for compensation, depending on your circumstances. For assistance obtaining fair recovery, we encourage you to speak with and retain help from a lawyer. Your Englewood dog bite attorney can help you identify potentially liable parties, collect evidence relating to your case, and increase the compensatory value of your claims.

Should You Seek Medical Attention After Getting Bitten by a Dog in Englewood, Colorado?

Following an incident of a dog bite or attack, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. Your doctor and medical professionals can assess your situation, find latent injuries, recommend tailored treatment plans, and provide referrals to other necessary medical specialists. Because there is such a substantial risk of latent injury, disease, or infection following a dog bite, it’s imperative to receive medical help after a dog attack incident.

Seeing a medical professional as soon as possible can also help you during legal matters. The legal system will often look at someone’s determination or willingness to make a recovery as positive, increasing the likelihood of fair compensation for losses. Holding onto any doctor’s notes and medical bills can also help accurately portray the events of the incident and create a reasonable estimate of compensatory value.

How Can a Dog Bite Attorney From Mintz Law Firm Help?

While many dog bite lawyers have a reputation for being extremely costly, the lawyers from Mintz Law Firm work on a contingency fee basis. This means that you only pay attorney fees when you win your case. Additionally, many cases will allow you to collect compensation for legal services so that you aren’t obligated to pay out of your pocket. Instead, the liable parties handle the costs associated with their irresponsibility and your recovery. We also offer free consultations.

We encourage you to work with a Englewood dog bite lawyer rather than representing yourself, as you may risk the loss of compensation you qualify for when you misrepresent your case. Working with a dog bite lawyer can help mitigate these risks and increase the likelihood of your walking away with the compensation you need. Your dog bite lawyer can work hard to reduce your stress in several ways, including speaking on your behalf, handling legal representatives and insurance companies, completing and filing paperwork, and many other ways.

Get Valuable Legal Help From the Englewood Dog Bite Lawyers at Mintz Law Firm

Receiving dog bite injuries due to another party’s negligence can be frustrating and painful, but you don’t need to handle your legal matters alone. An Englewood dog bite lawyer from Mintz Law Firm has the experience and knowledge to help you throughout every step of the legal process. We can also give you access to our helpful and proven strategies, resources, and other tools.
Contact our team by calling (303) 462-2999 or completing the contact form on our website. When you retain our services, we can discuss your case in extensive detail, answer your questions and concerns, reduce your stress, and much more.


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