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If you are suffering and mourning the loss of a close friend or family member, you may feel overwhelmed and confused about your situation. Furthermore, if the loss you face is the result of another person’s negligent actions, figuring out the steps to take next to obtain justice can be a lot to handle. If another individual is responsible for the loss of your loved one, it makes sense to desire reparations and accountability for these consequences and expenses. 

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The Englewood wrongful death lawyers from Mintz Law Firm proudly serve Englewood and many areas around Colorado. We have extensive experience and knowledge of the legal system, including how to navigate the legal process and reduce stress along the way on behalf of our clients. We also have access to helpful resources and strategies that may be useful to your circumstances. If you want assistance with the legal process in order to get compensation and justice for your loved one, Mintz Law Firm is here to help.

Who Is Responsible for a Wrongful Death?

Many individuals may be responsible for your close friend or family member’s death, but determining who is liable is essential if you want to receive compensation for your loss. Often, taking legal action and filing a lawsuit against the responsible party is the best course to take toward receiving payment. Any of the following individuals may be liable for your loved one’s loss of life, depending on the circumstances:

  • Driver
  • Bicyclist
  • A doctor or other medical professional (medical malpractice)
  • Employers or employees of the premises
  • Owner or renter of the property
  • City government
  • Machinery or vehicle manufacturers
  • Parts manufacturers

If you need assistance navigating through the legal system and determining who is responsible for your loved one’s loss of life, we are here to help. Contact one of our trustworthy and compassionate wrongful death lawyers in Englewood for assistance. We can help you determine who is at fault, connect you with other specialists, and manage your case on your behalf.

How Is Fault Determined in a Wrongful Death Case in Englewood, Colorado?

Colorado injury law determines the fault based on comparative negligence calculations. Responsibility can be broken down into percentages, and Colorado permits more than one party to be responsible for injuries and cases of wrongful death. This means that multiple parties could be responsible for the loss of your loved one.

For example, if vehicle drivers A, B, and C are on the road and get into an accident resulting in driver A’s death, any combination of individuals may be liable. The court may determine that driver A is 0% responsible, driver B is 40% responsible, and driver C is 60% responsible for the death and resulting losses. This may mean driver B pays for 40% of the losses and driver C is liable for the other 60%.

What Sets Mintz Law Firm Apart From Other Wrongful Death Lawyers in Englewood?

Mintz Law Firm works hard to assist victims and their families who suffer from injuries and losses of life. We know how frustrating and overwhelming the legal and recovery processes can be, and you should know that we are here to help every step of the way to make sure you get the compensation and justice you deserve. 

We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you only pay us if you win your case. Our team dedicates itself to bringing justice to our clients, so we know precisely how to help you strategize and represent your case well. If you need assistance during the legal process for wrongful death claims, we are prepared to give you tailored information to meet your needs.

Tips for Handling Your Englewood Wrongful Death Case

If you wish to receive adequate compensation and are open to taking legal action as a response to your loved one’s loss of life, please consider the following tips on how to proceed with your wrongful death case:

  • File a claim with the appropriate insurance company
  • Avoid accepting settlements from insurance until you have spoken with a lawyer
  • Collect evidence related to your case, if applicable
  • Request and receive police or crash reports, if applicable
  • Submit evidence and documents to the insurance company
  • Narrow down the responsible individual(s) for your loss
  • Avoid using social media or sharing details about your case with others 
  • Speak with and retain a wrongful death lawyer

A wrongful death lawyer in Englewood can help you in several ways throughout the legal process, including speaking on your behalf, completing and filing paperwork, collecting and assessing evidence, and building solid arguments in favor of your perspective. Personalized and individualized assistance from a wrongful death attorney can significantly decrease the stress surrounding legal processes.

Filing a Wrongful Death Claim in Englewood? A Lawyer From Mintz Law Firm Can Help

If you want success in your wrongful death claim, a lawyer from Mintz Law Firm can help you by offering valuable support. Our clients trust our team to bring them excellent results, including fair compensation for losses and damages. Our Englewood wrongful death lawyers have experience in death, injury, and many other kinds of law. We invite you to contact us at your earliest convenience.
To contact us, please call (303) 462-2999 or complete the contact form available on our website. When you reach us, we can go into further detail about your circumstances, answer your questions, calm any concerns you have, and provide you with additional helpful information. Our team looks forward to hearing from you and assisting you with your case.


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