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If you have been in a snowboarding accident in Lakewood, you may face serious injuries and steep medical bills due to no fault of your own. Depending on the circumstances, this may cause you to feel overwhelmed, stressed, or angry. You may also need to figure out what to do following your accident. Can you get compensation for these losses? Who should pay for these losses? What steps or strategies should you follow? Would a snowboard accident attorney be able to help?

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These questions and concerns should be answered with thoughtfulness and careful consideration, and Mintz Law Firm’s personal injury lawyers may be able to help. We believe you should not shoulder the expenses if you are not responsible, and our team has a track record of assisting clients in receiving compensation necessary to focus on healing. If you need guidance following your snowboarding accident in Lakewood, let us break down what you need to know.

What Compensation Can You Receive After a Lakewood Snowboard Accident?

If you have been in a snowboarding accident in Lakewood, you may be entitled to compensation. In accidents that occur due to no fault of your own, the responsible party may be held accountable and take on your damages and other expenses. These damages may include the following:

  • Attorney services
  • Loss of consortium or companionship
  • Medical bills, including
    • Ambulance fees
    • Hospital or emergency room costs
    • Physical therapy charges
    • Future medical care needs
  • Change in income
  • Wrongful death
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Emotional distress

Other damages may also be eligible for compensation. If you want help maximizing your compensation and holding the responsible party accountable, we recommend speaking with a qualified personal injury lawyer who serves Lakewood. Your snowboard accident attorney may use many helpful skills to find other eligible damages and give you the recovery you deserve.

Who Is Responsible for a Snowboard Accident in Lakewood?

Many parties may be responsible for your losses and injuries depending on the circumstances surrounding your snowboarding accident. Many may be liable, including:

  • Owner or employees of the premises
  • A pedestrian
  • Other skiers or snowboarders
  • City government

In some circumstances, more than one party may be responsible for your losses. Determining who is responsible and taking legal action may be necessary to receive adequate compensation. We recommend contacting a snowboard accident lawyer in Lakewood if you need assistance.

How is Fault Calculated in a Lakewood, Colorado Snowboard Accident?

In Colorado state, including the city of Lakewood, comparative fault is utilized to determine who is responsible for damages and to what extent. Often, responsibility is not all or nothing for each party involved. This means the legal system will likely discern whether a victim is at all responsible for losses.

For example, if two snowboarders—Party A and Party B—collide on a snowboarding course, the context of the accident may need to be considered. If Party A is mainly responsible for Party B’s injuries, they might be 100% responsible. But if Party B remains still in the middle of the course while texting, they may also be somewhat liable. Maybe Party A will be found 70% responsible for damages, and Party B will need to shoulder 30% of the losses. Retaining a snowboard accident lawyer can help you figure out who may be liable for your losses.

How Can a Lawyer Help After a Snowboard Accident in Lakewood?

There are many steps you may want to consider after a snowboarding accident. One of the essential priorities might be retaining a lawyer. Your snowboard accident lawyer may be able to assist you in many ways as you navigate the court system, including:

  • Legal knowledge
  • Negotiation skills
  • Referral to medical and other professionals
  • Maximizing your potential compensation
  • Strategizing the best strategies tailored to your case
  • Collecting and analyzing evidence
  • Joining or leading investigations
  • Handling other legal representatives and insurance adjusters
  • Providing you with helpful resources and information
  • Reducing your stress

We strongly recommend you avoid representing yourself during legal proceedings, as you may not retain the compensation you deserve. Your lawyer is far more likely to effectively and favorably represent your case. 

Get the Compensation You Deserve With Mintz Law Firm’s Personal Injury Attorneys

If you have received a severe injury after a Lakewood snowboarding accident, you may need assistance getting the compensation you deserve. Mintz Law Firm’s personal injury and snowboard accident lawyers may be able to help. Our team prides itself on supporting its clients throughout the entire legal process, as well as winning these individuals the recovery they need to return to a sense of normalcy.

To discuss your case details, personal circumstances, and any concerns, please feel free to contact our legal team at your earliest convenience. Our team can provide you with important information that may also benefit you. You can get in touch with us by calling (303) 732-8919 or completing our contact form. We recommend you contact us as soon as possible to improve the likelihood of high compensation, as this will likely help your snowboard accident lawyer collect information and build strong arguments. We look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your case.


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