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Whether you're hopping into your car to go to work or getting ready to meet friends at your favorite restaurant, you expect to get to your destination safely. It’s fair to have that expectation, especially if you do your part as a safe driver. Unfortunately, you can do everything in your power to ensure a safe drive, but it only takes one person failing to prioritize their safety and the safety of others to cause a serious accident. 

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At Mintz Law Firm, we have handled numerous car accident claims and have seen the devastating effects that a person’s carelessness can have on people’s lives. We believe in fighting for our client’s rights to compensation not just because they need it but because they deserve it. A reckless or careless driver should be held accountable for their actions. Contact us today and feel confident that you will have strong representation that will aggressively pursue the compensation you are owed. 

How to Protect Yourself During the Personal Injury Process

When a negligent driver injures you, it’s understandable to assume that proving them liable will be easy. However, their insurance doesn’t care that their insurer caused or contributed to an accident. Their goal is to limit their payout as much as possible. Therefore, you need to be careful with your actions and words. The slightest error could mean losing your right to compensation. Protect your legal rights as a car accident victim by doing the following:

Document Everything

The more information you have from the day of the accident, the more evidence you have and the stronger your claim becomes. After an accident, if possible, it’s incredibly beneficial to capture photographs or video of the accident scene and obtain information from the other driver and potential witnesses. However, documenting everything doesn’t just mean the day of the accident. Document throughout the entire process, from recording doctor visits to documenting every exchange with the at-fault driver or their insurance. The more you document and keep track of things, the better. 

Don't Trust Insurance Companies

Car insurance companies are more often than not reluctant to settle car accident claims. While insurance companies are meant to cover the cost of an accident, they generally don’t want to spend their money, even if their insurer is liable for an accident. This is why people are always advised to avoid speaking with insurance adjusters without an attorney. 

They are trained to look for the smallest mistakes, such as apologizing for the accident because you genuinely felt bad it occurred. Apologizing for any reason could be interpreted as an admission of guilt, and insurance adjusters will jump at the chance to redirect blame away from them. Rather than risking your right to compensation, don’t give a recorded statement and don’t sign a release of liability waiver without speaking with a personal injury lawyer first. 

Hire an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer in Arvada

Car accident claims can be complicated for many reasons; that’s why it’s always best to have an experienced and trusted Arvada car accident attorney at your side. An attorney can help your claim in more ways than one. An attorney can:

  • Thoroughly investigate the accident
  • Collect evidence to prove the at-fault driver liable
  • Negotiate with insurance companies
  • Speak with witnesses 
  • Consult accident reconstruction experts
  • Consult with medical experts 
  • Obtain evidence to prove your damages
  • Determine the maximum compensation for your past and future losses

An attorney can be a significant contributor to the success of your claim. The sooner you contact an attorney, the better. 

How to Cover Your Medical Bills After an Car Accident in Arvada, CO

Being in a car accident can be extremely upsetting and stressful, and those emotions can be exacerbated if the accident results from another negligent party. When another person’s actions are responsible for the damages you’ve suffered, you can file a personal injury claim to recover monetary compensation to cover your medical bills. However, this process can last months, and the medical bills don’t usually stop while you wait for your claim to be resolved. Fortunately, there are Colorado accident laws that can make paying your medical bills while you wait for your claim a little easier.

Arvada, CO car accident victims have several options for getting their medical bills covered after an accident, including: 

Private Health Insurance

While you wait for your claim against the at-fault driver to be resolved, you can look towards your personal insurance to cover medical expenses.

Government Health Insurance

Government health insurance plans such as Medicare could be a great solution to getting those initial medical expenses covered. 

Colorado’s Auto Insurance (Med-Pay)

Regardless of fault, injured car accident victims can get their medical expenses covered by Med-Pay. If you have Med-Pay, your insurance will be obligated to cover your medical expenses up to the limit they’ve selected. 

Speak With Your Attorney

While the insurance options above are good alternatives while you wait for the resolution of your claim, their limits may not always cover the full extent of your medical expenses. The best way to deal with your medical bills is to speak with your attorney first. A car accident lawyer in Arvada can speak with your doctors and make financial arrangements on your behalf to ensure you’re not being overwhelmed with expenses you can’t cover. 

Look for Financial Assistance Plans

The Colorado Department of Human Services helps individuals during an emergency. Having medical expenses that you are unable to pay because of your injuries from the accident may qualify for assistance. Colorado has a variety of programs that can help with support, childcare, employment, and other temporary assistance.

Hire a Dedicated and Trusted Arvada Car Accident Attorney

At Mintz Law Firm, we understand that people need a quick and successful resolution for their claims, not just to be done with it but because they have responsibilities that don’t stop while a claim is going through the personal injury process. Our experienced team of auto accident lawyers is committed to delivering the best possible results for our clients. 

We are proud to offer compassionate legal support while aggressively pursuing the compensation our clients deserve. When you work with our experienced Arvada, CO car accident lawyers, you can be sure that your best interests are being prioritized. Contact us today to schedule a consultation through our contact form or call (303) 462-2999.

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