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Nowadays, it's so easy to order products that millions of items are being shipped and delivered across the country every day. As a result, an increasing number of delivery trucks are populating the road. The presence of more trucks on the road increases the likelihood of accidents, and delivery trucks are much larger than regular passenger vehicles, requiring more driving experience and unique operating skills.

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Despite the checks and balances in place to ensure the safety of the driver, cargo, and everyone else on the road, accidents do happen. When delivery trucks get into accidents, they can cause significant damage and injury. These accidents are usually the result of recklessness or negligence on someone's part, so the parties responsible should be held accountable. If you have been affected by a delivery truck accident, you will benefit from talking to a delivery truck accident lawyer.

Denver Delivery Truck Accident Cases Are Complex

In accidents involving delivery vehicles, determining liability can be difficult. In collisions with passenger cars, the fault is usually assigned to one of the drivers involved. However, the operation of a delivery truck can involve several parties. Any of the following parties could be found accountable for a commercial truck accident, depending on the specific circumstances of each case, and it's possible for more than one person to be held responsible for an accident.

Possible liable parties include:

  • The delivery truck driver
  • The driver’s employer
  • The company that owns or leases the delivery truck
  • The delivery truck’s maintenance
  • Whoever loaded the delivery truck

Because so many parties are involved, gathering evidence and determining fault is often challenging. Working with an experienced delivery truck accident attorney will relieve you of the burden of identifying who is accountable and building a solid defense for yourself.

What to Do after a Denver Delivery Truck Accident

It can be very challenging if you don't know what to do following a severe Denver truck accident. You may suffer damage to your car and injuries as a result of the collision, in addition to the incident itself. After an accident, you should follow these tips:

  • Report the accident to the police
  • Be careful what you say at the scene of the accident
  • Get medical attention
  • Document your injuries
  • Take pictures of the accident
  • Gather contact information
  • Collect details about the delivery truck 
  • Contact your insurance company
  • Follow medical advice and attend all future doctor’s appointments
  • Track all your accident-related expenses
  • Call an attorney

These are a lot of steps, but each step may be crucial to your ability to receive your due compensation after a delivery truck accident.

What Types of Delivery Truck Accidents Are Most Common in Denver?

Because the road can be unpredictable, truck drivers must stay alert when driving. The road is not as safe as one might hope. There are many hazards and driving practices that can lead to an accident. When the cause of the accident is determined, you or your representative can gather evidence to establish liability and clear your name. For that reason, it's good to know the many different ways a delivery truck can have an accident.

Delivery Truck Accidents Resulting from Blindspots

Blindspots are one of the most prevalent causes of truck accidents. Because delivery trucks are so large, other vehicles are at risk of entering the truck's blindspot, which is extremely dangerous. Drivers must be alert and conscious of the possibility of others entering their blindspots for safety reasons. When truck drivers fail to examine their blindspots, or passenger cars don't safely exit a truck's blindspot, this could potentially lead to accidents such as:

  • Wide turn accidents: A wide turn occurs when a motorist swings left to make a right turn. When the motorist is unaware of the traffic behind them or to their sides, they risk cutting off and trapping other cars or pedestrians with the body of their vehicle.
  • Rollover accidents: Rollover accidents are common in trucks. Delivery trucks are more prone to rollover because they have a high center of gravity and are unwieldy. When a truck enters another lane without checking its blindspots and has a collision, the truck can tip over and slam into multiple lanes of traffic.

Both truck drivers as well as other drivers on the road must take care to avoid blindspot incidents.

Delivery Truck Accidents Caused by Drunk Drivers

When getting behind the wheel of a delivery truck, a driver should be aware and focused. Driving with drugs or alcohol in your system is extremely dangerous and can endanger both the driver and others on the road. 

Delivery Truck Accidents Resulting from Improperly Loaded Cargo

Overloaded truck accidents can result in substantial damage and injury to others. Accidents involving overloaded trucks can have devastating consequences. Excess weight can cause the vehicle to rollover, posing a major hazard to adjacent cars and potentially resulting in a multi-car accident.

Delivery Truck Accidents Caused by Maintenance Issues

Delivery trucks rack up many miles and carry heavy loads long distances. This level of use can cause a lot of wear on vehicles, so understandably, delivery truck drivers and their companies rely on maintenance. Maintenance teams are charged with inspecting vehicles and ensuring they can be operated safely. Neglecting this duty can lead to an unfit delivery truck malfunctioning on the road, endangering the cargo and the life of everyone who could be harmed in the resulting accident.

Hire an Experienced Denver Delivery Truck Accident Lawyer

Delivering goods is a big business, and the companies involved are likely to do everything they can to protect their bottom line. That includes avoiding accountability that would require them to pay compensation. If you've been harmed in a delivery truck accident, dealing with the legal teams and insurance companies can be intimidating. By hiring an experienced delivery truck accident lawyer, you'll be placing someone in your corner who can fight for you.

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