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Scenario: A driver trying to make a right turn on a red light checks for oncoming traffic from the left. The driver guns it at the first opening in traffic, but fails to see the pedestrian in the crosswalk in front of the car who was crossing from the driver’s right.

Accidents like this happen every day because a driver fails to look for or see a pedestrian who is walking exactly where the pedestrian should be. The injuries are usually serious, and sometimes fatal. Pedestrians are protected by traffic laws too, and our legal team has extensive experience representing pedestrians who have been hurt by negligent drivers.

"Pedestrians are protected by traffic laws too"

Pedestrians have rights that many people are not even aware of. For instance, there does not have to be a designated crosswalk in order for a pedestrian to have the right of way at an intersection, and drivers are obligated to give warning by honking their horn when necessary. Sometimes, when a pedestrian does everything right, they cannot avoid a negligent driver.

Drivers who don’t drive carefully, text and drive, or allow themselves to be distracted can severely damage an innocent pedestrian’s well-being, both physical and financial. We fight for the rights of pedestrians injured by careless drivers to obtain the recovery those victims deserve.


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