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Contending with an unexpected burn doesn’t always change your life, but it can still impact how you manage your day-to-day responsibilities. If someone else’s negligence results in a catastrophic burn, it’s easy to feel as though you’ve been dealt an unfair hand.

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Denver burn injury attorneys want to help you reclaim control over your life in the wake of an unanticipated burn. After a burn accident, you can contact our team and learn more about what legal rights Colorado affords to its burn victims. We can then work together to bring a legal complaint requesting compensation before a civil judge in the Denver area.

You Can Sustain Burn Injuries in a Variety of Personal Injury Accidents

There’s no single circumstance in which you’re guaranteed to suffer a burn injury. Instead, you can suffer burns as a result of car accidents, product failures, and even premises liability accidents. If you want to take legal action in the wake of a burn injury, you need to classify it under the broader category of personal injuries.

Our Denver burn injury lawyers know how to do just that. We can assess your circumstances and determine whether you should include burns among your list of desired compensation or file a separate suit addressing the extent of your losses. Either way, we advocate for your right to comprehensive financial support.

Statute of Limitations in Regards to Burn Injuries in Denver

If you want to file a burn injury claim, you need to move quickly. Colorado limits the amount of time you have to compile a burn injury complaint. More specifically, Colorado Revised Statutes section 13-80-102(1)(a) states that you have two years to tell a judge about your losses.

There may be exceptions to the rule that allow you to file outside of this deadline. However, in most cases, Colorado judges may see fit to dismiss a suit filed outside of its deadline without considering its contents. Many judges believe that involved parties’ memories can begin to fade after a state statute of limitations, thus making applicable arguments for compensation less concrete.

Filing a Denver Burn Injury Claim Can Entitle You to Compensation

Burn injury compensation should ideally help you overcome the bills related to your post-accident care. This means that you can request damages for losses both economic and non-economic in nature. Determining the value of these losses can be tricky, but we have a few calculating means up our sleeves.

To start, we bring together any and all concrete bills related to your accident. The sum of these bills, from medical expenses to property damage, serves as your economic losses. From there, we apply state-approved multipliers to your sum. These multipliers stand in for non-economic losses like stress or pain and suffering.

The final product serves as our estimate of your total case compensation.

Your Burn Injury Claim Needs to Be Thorough

Burn injury claims are a conversation starter between you and a Denver civil court. Your complaint not only needs to be formatted appropriately, but as thoroughly as is reasonably possible. This means that your burn injury complaint should, at a minimum, detail:

  • The nature of your burn injury accident
  • The identity of the party you think may be liable for your burns
  • Evidence putting a liable party at the scene of the accident
  • An estimate of your desired burn injury compensation
  • Evidence backing your request for the aforementioned compensation

Bringing all of this information together on a tight deadline is no easy task. Fortunately, you’re not doing this on your own. When you work with our team, you can let our paralegals and attorneys do your legal legwork for you.

How a Burn Injury Attorney in Denver Can Help

Building your burn injury claim is only the first part of the civil process. Once you have all of the information regarding your case down on paper, we need to work together to see your case through. This means:

  • Checking in to see how your complaint progresses
  • Informing you of updates to your claim
  • Communicating with a liable party
  • Scheduling settlement negotiations, as applicable
  • Initiating discovery, as applicable
  • Preventing intimidation attempts or insufficient settlement offers
  • Calculating your possible compensation

You can discuss which of our services you’d like to take advantage of during a burn injury case consultation. Our burn injury attorneys in Denver want to do their best to make the legal process as accessible and stress-free as possible.

Negotiating or Going to Court: How to Win Compensation in a Burn Injury Civil Suit

The benefits of filing a burn injury claim extend beyond the opportunity to net compensation for your losses. These complaints give you more control over how proceedings in your burn injury case may go. For example, you can choose to negotiate for a burn injury settlement outside of court. Alternatively, you can take uncooperative defendants to trial.

Trials are not better than negotiations, nor vice versa. Instead, these means of securing compensation are meant to be versatile. For example, you can pursue burn injury negotiations if you’d prefer to have a more direct hand in conversations regarding your case’s value. Trials, comparatively, give a judge and jury more sway over your right to financial support.

You can discuss how you would like a burn injury case to play out with a personal injury lawyer. Mintz Law Firm strives to have your burn injury case meet, if not exceed, your expectations.

Contact a Denver Burn Injury Lawyer Today For a Free Consultation

You don’t need to wait before taking legal action after a burn injury. The sooner you’re able to bring together evidence establishing the value of your losses, the faster our team can present your complaint to a civil judge. 

Mintz Law Firm wants to provide you with comprehensive legal advice without adding to the stress of your recovery. When you meet with a burn injury lawyer in Denver, you can take every opportunity to customize your approach to your case. For more information about how we strive to serve your legal needs, you can reach out to us by filling out our contact form or calling (303) 462-2999.


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