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An average Colorado household has dozens of consumer products from different manufacturers. When purchasing a product, many assume that the maker has taken due diligence to ensure the product is safe. However, the opposite often happens; many consumers have suffered injuries due to product defects. Some of these injuries can be catastrophic, causing long-term or permanent physical injuries.

Denver Product Liability Lawyer

If you have been injured due to a malfunctioning product, product liability law empowers you to hold the responsible party liable and get compensated for your injuries. However, putting together a product liability claim and successfully defending it in court can be very difficult. You can leave that task to a more experienced Denver product liability lawyer at Mintz Law Firm to handle it on your behalf. This is what the Colorado personal injury lawyers know best, and you can rest assured that you will receive better results than facing this alone.

Understanding Product Liability in Denver, Colorado

According to law, manufacturers, designers, and marketers of consumer products are responsible for ensuring that their products meet the typical expectations of the consumer. Each industry ensures that manufacturers follow particular standards to ensure products that consumers buy are safe for use. If any of these three parties fail due to negligence, and the defective product ends up in the hands of the consumer, they are required to pay the damages caused by the faulty item. This includes compensation for injuries sustained by the consumer because of the malfunctioning product.

When filing a product liability claim, you may blame at least one of the following defects for your injuries:

Design Defect

Designing a product is the first phase before a product can be produced successfully. If the product designers fail to take safety precautions during this stage, it may result in a defective product. The final product will therefore be automatically faulty and may cause injuries to users. Design defects can mean all products manufactured using the same design are defective and can easily lead to class action lawsuits.

Manufacturing Defect

Manufacturers are required to run safety tests on the products they make. These tests ensure that the final product adheres to the original design and that detectable defects are flagged before the products are released on the market. If manufacturers fail to conduct all tests adequately, the products may malfunction when they're already in the hands of the consumer. When these malfunctions lead to injury, the consumer can hold the manufacturer responsible for their injuries and get compensation for their damages.

Marketing Defect

Consumers rely heavily on marketing information that companies provide to know how to use different products safely. If there is a failure to adequately educate the consumer and warn them of possible risks of using the product in some ways, this may be considered a marketing defect. For example, if a children's toy causes your child to choke, you can file a product liability claim if there was no warning given of the risks of the child using the toy.

Examples of Claims a Denver Product Liability Lawyer Can Help With

Regrettably, injuries can occur from products you least anticipated. Although companies frequently recall defective products to avoid lawsuits, you have the right to get paid if any product causes you any form of injury. Some of the claims our Denver product liability lawyers can help you receive compensation for include:

Defective Car Parts

Accidents can occur due to a substandard car or car part. In that case, you can file litigation against the manufacturer and get paid. For instance, if an accident was caused by a failure in the braking system, fuel system, steering & suspension, or any other part, you can hold the car or part maker liable for your motor vehicle accident injuries.

Faulty Medical Devices or Dangerous Drugs

Many Colorado citizens depend on various medical devices and prescription drugs to keep their health conditions under control. However, these products are capable of causing catastrophic injuries if they have a defect. Suppose you have suffered an injury due to a malfunctioning medical device or dangerous prescription medicine in Colorado. In that case, our experienced Denver personal injury lawyers can help you get compensation from the at-fault party.

Malfunctioning Home Appliances

Almost, if not all, Denver households rely on home appliances to control temperatures, wash, cook, and perform other chores. Assume one of your appliances malfunctions (e.g., a refrigerator, iron box, electronics, etc.), and in the process, it causes you to sustain injuries. In that case, you may be able to recoup medical and emotional costs associated with the item if you believe the manufacturer or designer's negligence caused the malfunction.

The examples mentioned above are just a drop in the ocean of the many scenarios consumers face because of faulty products. If you have been injured when using any product and have reason to believe that another party's negligence might be the cause, talk to our Denver personal injury lawyers at Mintz Law Firm. Our seasoned plaintiff attorneys will evaluate your case, and if it's worth fighting for, they will deploy all tools at their disposal to give you the best possible results from the lawsuit.

Damages You Can Claim in a Product Liability Claim in Colorado

Most of the claims rely on strict product liability. In this case, you'll need to prove that the design, manufacturing, or marketing defect caused your injuries. Some injuries caused by product liability defects may include traumatic brain injuries, SCIs, fractures, severe burns, electrocution, wrongful death, etc. In this kind of scenario, filing a lawsuit against the party at fault is the best cause of action. In Denver or any part of Colorado, you may be able to receive compensation for medical expenses, loss of income, pain, and suffering, property damage, or loss of enjoyment of life caused by the flawed product.

As expected, at-faulty parties may try their best to show that none of the claimed defects caused the injuries or that there is no way they could've prevented the same. In that case, our knowledgeable lawyers may be able to apply product liability laws and prove negligence, which displays your right to compensation.

It's worth noting that Colorado has a statute of limitations for product liability claims. You can only file a lawsuit within two years of your faulty product injury. However, in the case of an auto accident, you have up to three years.

Enlist the Help of a Denver Product Liability Lawyer at Mintz Law Firm

Product liability lawsuits are not an easy process. Without an experienced lawyer on your side, you risk losing the compensation you deserve. At Mintz Law Firm, we understand that you'd want peace of mind as you recover from your injuries. To give you precisely that, our lawyers will handle your case with compassion and your best interests at heart.

If you have been injured due to a product defect, we may be able to assist you in retrieving compensation. Call us at (303) 462-2999 or fill out our contact form to arrange a free consultation.


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