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Hunter W. Holley

Hunter W. Holley

Mr. Holley’s inspiration for being a worker’s compensation attorney, is having the opportunity to fight the large insurance companies and law firms that represent them. These companies and firms routinely take advantage of the hard working people of Colorado.

Mr. Holley began his legal career by graduating at the top of his law school and graduate school classes, earning both a law and masters degree in the process. Prior to joining Mintz Law Firm, Mr. Holley gained a wealth of experience working for insurance companies and defending workers’ compensation claims filed against them by injured Colorado workers. Mr. Holley worked for various workers’ compensation insurance companies as a trial attorney and claim adjuster. As a result of the knowledge he gained working as both a trial attorney and claims adjuster, Mr. Holley learned exactly how the insurance companies defend and, most importantly, how they determine the value of the claims that injured workers file against them. As a result of this invaluable experience, Mr. Holley is now able to use this information in skillfully and knowledgably fighting the same insurance companies he previously worked for. For the last twenty (20) years, Mr. Holley has been able to concentrate his law practice in the area of establishing and litigating workers’ compensation for the firm’s deserving clients.

Mr. Holley has taken cases to trial and hearing in City, County, State, and Federal Courts with great success. Over the years, Mr. Holley has obtained settlement and verdicts, from juries and judges, in the millions of dollars for his injured clients. Mr. Holley has litigated hundreds of cases over the past twenty years and is not afraid to take your case to trial or hearing if need be. To obtain the highest monetary settlement available, your attorney must be willing to take your case to Court and must have the experience to do so. The insurance companies know which attorneys are skilled and willing to take your case to Court and which ones are not. It is a well-known fact, that the insurance companies will not pay top dollar for any cases unless they know your attorney is willing to and has in fact, taken them to Court in the past.

Mr. Holley’s twenty plus years of experience fighting workers’ compensation insurance companies has allowed him to obtain consistent success in forcing these companies to pay the proper monetary amounts that Colorado’s injured workers deserve.

In the last ten (10) years, Mr. Holley has settled many large cases as a direct result of his unique skill set and experience. Below, are just a few examples of Mr. Holley’s success in taking the fight to the insurance companies and successfully winning in Colorado:

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Examples of Our Best Case Results

Case Type: Worker's Compensation

Mr. Holley settled a case involving an injured truck driver who was unable to work due to the serious injuries sustained and the physical nature of their employment. As usual, the insurance company attempted to force the individual back to the exact work that caused the injury in the first place. By filing suit and pursuing litigation, Mr. Holley was eventually able to obtain a monetary and medical case settlement worth over $750,000.00

Settlement: $750,000.00

Case Type: Worker's Compensation

Mr. Holley settled a case involving a client who developed a debilitating nerve condition as a result of what started out as a simple foot injury that developed into something much more serious following surgery. The insurance company refused to pay for any of the client’s expensive and life-long medical care. Mr. Holley sued and won, obtaining the client medical care valued at $200,000.00 and a monetary award of $140,000.00.

Settlement: $340,000.00

Case Type: Worker's Compensation

Mr. Holley settled a case involving a client who developed a severe back injury resulting in several surgeries from a work-related lifting accident. After five years of treatment and related medical care the insurance company refused to pay for further medical care or monetary damages. After filing a lawsuit in State Administrative Court, Mr. Holley prevailed over the insurance company obtaining over $150,000.00 in medical care and an additional $218,000.00 in monetary awards.

Settlement: $368,000.00

The results on our site are only to provide examples of the types of personal injury cases we handle. Those examples are not a guarantee of future results. Mintz Law Firm, LLC does not guarantee the result or outcome of any case. Every case is unique and the outcome is based on the applicable laws, facts, and conditions.

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