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Troubling Increase in Drunk Driving Among Females

By Mintz Law Firm | February 1, 2013

Even as the number of people being killed in drunk driving accidents across the country decreases, there is a troubling increase in another trend-the number of women being arrested for drunk driving. Recently, a conference in Washington DC focused on the reasons for this increase in drunk driving among females. The Transportation Research Board’s annual…

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Car Crash Driver Survives, Good Samaritans Don’t.

By Mintz Law Firm | February 1, 2013

Witnesses described the scene following a single car crash that occurred early on the evening of August, 23, 2012, as “horrific”. The vehicle, an SUV, hit a fire hydrant and a light pole which knocked down a power line and sent pools of high voltage water onto the street. Two Good Samaritans were fatally injured…

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5 of the Most Unbelievable Truck Accidents

By Mintz Law Firm | November 16, 2012

Plunging Mini Bus Caught by Truck Luckily a Chinese bus driver safely escaped from his mini bus when it fell from a steep drop off of a mountainside road, and then was “caught” by a passing truck in a motor vehicle accident. The driver was on his way to pick up his five year old…

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Text Messaging While Driving Can Result in a Colorado Car Accident

By Mintz Law Firm | November 8, 2012

Text messaging has become one of the most common forms of multi-tasking. It is performed while doing many different activities. However, this becomes a problem for most people when they try to perform the activity of texting while driving their vehicle. Driving and texting at the same time is extremely dangerous and can result in…

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Types of Damages in a Personal Injury Case

By Mintz Law Firm | October 29, 2012

Have you recently been injured in an automobile accident? Many people who are involved in Colorado motor vehicle accidents do not always know if they may be able to recover from the responsible party’s insurance carrier. The Denver car accident attorneys at the Mintz Law Firm have provided a short overview for those who have…

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Colorado Wrongful Death

By Mintz Law Firm | October 18, 2012

David Mintz at the Mintz Law Firm is very experienced in helping families get what they need when wrongful death has occurred. When a loved one dies unexpectedly at work or at the hospital, family members are always left in shock and stressed out. Naturally, one of the most difficult things to imagine is whether the person…

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Hit and Run Accidents

By Mintz Law Firm | October 8, 2012

Hit and Run is a serious offense. As if a car accident isn’t stressful enough, criminal charges make it much worse. Our car accident attorneys at the Mintz Law Firm know the kind of stress you are under. Your personal injury case needs an aggressive attorney on it, to protect your interests, and make sure your side of…

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Recent Motorcycle Accident in Commerce City

By Mintz Law Firm | October 2, 2012

The carelessness of others on the road can cause serious personal injuries, particularly to motorcycle riders. The injured party needs an experienced Colorado motorcycle accident attorney that is committed to their case and will optimize their financial compensation. Eagerness and dedication in managing the victims injury claim is of the ultimate importance to a Lakewood Personal…

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Safety Tips in The Workplace

By Mintz Law Firm | September 26, 2012

It is very important that employees are staying safe in the workplace. Many accidents happen every year that can be easily prevented with a little extra work and effort. Our work comp attorneys at Mintz Law Firm have gathered some tips that may just help you prevent an accident or injury! Accidents and emergency situations…

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Boating Safely – Boat Accident Attorneys

By Mintz Law Firm | September 7, 2012

  Whether you are swimming or boating in the state of Colorado, it’s very important to be safe and smart while you’re out on the water, because serious and disabling accidents can happen there. Our Colorado boating accident attorneys have researched some helpful tips that should help keep you safe while enhancing your boating experience.…

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