Can I See My Own Doctor for a Work Injury in Colorado?

Can I See My Own Doctor for a Work Injury in Colorado?

Can I See My Own Doctor for a Work Injury in Colorado?

If you experience a work injury, like a slip and fall, Colorado law requires you to report the accident to your employer. Colorado law allows you to see any doctor for treatment of a work injury; however, some guidelines might impact your decision. Below, you will find some things worth knowing about which doctors can treat your workplace injuries in Colorado.

If you have suffered a work injury, you should consider speaking to an experienced attorney. An attorney may be able to help you recover compensation for your injury.

What Doctor Can See Me for a Workplace Injury in Colorado?

In Colorado, your employer can select a doctor to treat injured employees. Sometimes, an employer selects one doctor. In other cases, there might be a list of approved doctors. The employer can choose any doctor at all times. It does not matter whether the injury is minor or serious. If you are injured, you should always ask your employer who they have chosen to treat you. Some companies will list the doctor in the employee handbook. Your employer does not have to supply anything above and beyond what is required by Colorado law.

Some employers do not specify a doctor. In this case, you can choose your doctor for worker’s compensation purposes. Discuss your specific injury and needs with your company’s HR representative to obtain more information on their policies.

Choosing Your Doctor for a Work Injury in Colorado

Colorado law does not allow you to see your doctor when you are injured on the job, but there is an exception to this general rule. You can choose your doctor if they are on the list of providers from your employer or if your employer does not specify which doctors you can see. If you choose to receive medical care from your provider, and an exception to the general rule does not apply, it is possible that your employer can deny the payment of your medical expenses.

If you think you need to see a specialist for a work injury, Colorado law may require that the company approve that treatment. Your employer may need to authorize an examination by a specialist hospital or doctor if they do not want to pay for the injury. If you feel your treatment is not adequate, discuss it with your manager and HR representative. A simple change in treatment could help eliminate any problems with reimbursement.

Never hesitate to ask your employer questions about how they handle worker’s compensation claims. They should provide you with all the required information. If you are not receiving the required information about your claim, talk to your manager or HR representative. They should be able to answer any questions that you have.

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