Can You File an Accident Claim with No Police Report in Colorado?

Can You File an Accident Claim with No Police Report in Colorado?

Can You File an Accident Claim with No Police Report in Colorado?

People may think that reporting an accident is unnecessary, but a police report can be beneficial when filing for personal injury and an auto accident claim. At times, minor accidents and incidents occur without contacting law enforcement or filing a police report. Suppose your car was hardly damaged or in a minor accident. In that case, you can gather the other driver’s information and report the incident to your insurance without a police report.

Despite this, having a police report on hand is beneficial when injuries and severe damage are accounted for in an accident. The valid documentation from a police report about your incident can support your accident and injury claim. At Mintz Law Firm, our auto accident attorneys and personal injury team are prepared to take on your case and evaluate your claim to give you the best legal advice. Continue reading to learn more about police reports and filing accident claims in Colorado.

When Do You Need a Police Report after an Accident?

If police do not respond and you do not have a police report, you can still file a claim with an insurance company and provide your images, information, and time stamps of the incident. However, a police report that shows how the accident happened will lessen your burden of proving who is at fault. Therefore, you should try to get a police officer to respond if possible. In the case of a severe accident where there are injuries, damage to personal property, and vehicle collisions, a police report is necessary. If the police do not respond, remember to exchange information with all parties such as names of drivers and witnesses, driver’s license, auto insurance, plate number, and vehicle registration. Take lots of photos of the scene, the vehicles involved, and file your own police report. If any party will not provide this information or leaves the scene of the accident, call the police immediately.

Colorado statute 42-4-1606 states:

“…the driver of a vehicle which is in any manner involved in an accident

resulting in bodily injury to, serious bodily injury to, or death of any person or total

damage to all property to the extent specified in section 42-7-202, shall, within ten

days after such accident, submit to the department on the form provided a written

report of such accident…”

Meeting the deadline for reporting a car accident to the police is not only crucial for obtaining an auto accident report, but it is also essential for a personal injury claim when seeking compensation for injuries and damages. Legally, a driver needs to notify the police of the accident and any known damages for documentation. A Denver car accident lawyer can help you file a claim and start the process of seeking compensation once you receive the copy of your car accident report, which makes the process faster.

Can a Claim Be Filed without a Police Report?

If the police arrive on the scene of a car accident, they may not file a report if the damages don’t amount to much. However, if you are severely injured or the damages to your vehicle are evident, a police report and statement are warranted in this case. When you suffer injuries from an auto accident, you can file a claim to recover the damages you endured in the car crash. Once your personal injury claim gets filed against the person who caused the collision, the police report is an essential component of your case.

Without a police report, there is no detailed and accurate account of the accident with eyewitnesses, photographs, description of the scene, along with weather conditions and other factors that add to your case. Lacking a police report may be a reason why your claim is denied or the extent of your injuries and damages are not considered. At times, people dismiss a minor accident and don’t consider the effects in the long run. You can still file a personal injury claim without a police report, and a skilled lawyer can help you in your defense for injuries that arise after the accident.

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