Colorado's Dram Shop Laws: Holding Establishments Accountable for Accidents

Colorado’s Dram Shop Laws: Holding Establishments Accountable for Accidents

Colorado’s Dram Shop Laws: Holding Establishments Accountable for Accidents

Colorado’s dram shop laws are an important aspect of the state’s legal system, yet many people are unaware of their existence. These laws hold establishments accountable for serving alcohol to individuals who are already visibly intoxicated or under the age of 21. If a person is involved in an accident caused by someone who was over-served at a bar or restaurant, the establishment can be held responsible for their actions.

If you were injured in an accident caused by an over-served individual, it’s important to know your rights. At Mintz Law Firm, we specialize in personal injury cases involving dram shop laws and can provide the necessary guidance and support to help you navigate the legal process. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation and let us fight for the justice and compensation you deserve.

What Are Dram Shop Laws?

Colorado’s dram shop law is designed to hold businesses like bars, restaurants, and liquor stores accountable if they sell alcohol to visibly intoxicated individuals or those under the legal drinking age of 21. This legal framework is in place to mitigate the risks associated with excessive alcohol consumption, including accidents and injuries that may result from such behavior. 

Under these laws, bartenders and servers have the authority – and the responsibility – to refuse service to patrons who appear to have had too much to drink. This way, they can prevent further intoxication and reduce the likelihood of drunk driving incidents. 

However, some establishments might overlook the importance of monitoring their patrons’ alcohol intake, motivated by the desire to increase sales, thus putting profit over the safety of their customers and the general public. This negligence can lead to severe legal consequences if their service to an intoxicated or underage customer contributed to an accident or injury. 

How to Seek Justice Under Dram Shop Laws

If you’ve been injured because of an overserved individual’s actions, working with an attorney who has experience in dram shop cases is crucial. They can help navigate the complexities of the law and ensure you file your lawsuit within the one-year statute of limitations. Your attorney will also assist in gathering the evidence needed to prove the establishment’s liability, focusing on proving the business served alcohol to a visibly intoxicated person or someone under 21, and that this action directly led to the accident and your injuries.

In a Colorado dram shop case, damages typically cover tangible losses such as medical expenses, lost earnings due to the inability to work, and compensation for pain and suffering. Keep in mind that Colorado caps damages in dram shop cases at $150,000. An experienced attorney can guide you through the process of claiming these damages, aiming to secure the compensation necessary to cover your losses and help you move forward from the incident.

What Needs to Be Proven in a Dram Shop Law Case?

In a dram shop law case, you must prove the establishment knowingly sold alcohol to someone who was visibly intoxicated or under the legal drinking age. You’ll also have to demonstrate a direct link between the establishment’s action and the accident or injury that occurred. 

Evidence can include witness testimonies, video footage, and the server’s or bartender’s acknowledgment of the customer’s condition at the time of service. Engaging with a lawyer skilled in navigating the complexities of dram shop laws can significantly aid in gathering the necessary evidence and presenting a compelling argument to support your claim.

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