Going to See the Fall Foliage? Drive Safe With These 3 Tips

Going to See the Fall Foliage? Drive Safe With These 3 Tips

Going to See the Fall Foliage? Drive Safe With These 3 Tips

Autumn can provide some of the most incredible scenic driving experiences. The cool weather and stunning foliage make an incredible combination for anyone on the road. Furthermore, the arrival of fall is followed by the excitement of the holiday season. There are many benefits to the arrival of fall, but the season also brings potential hazards that can be dangerous for drivers. 

Determining liability after an accident that could have been caused by other external factors, such as inclement weather, can be difficult. At Mintz Law Firm, our experienced personal injury lawyers can help you determine who is liable for your injuries and help you build a strong claim to recover fair compensation. 

3 Autumn Driving Safety Tips 

As the air gets crisp and the leaves start turning beautiful orange, red, purple, and yellow hues, taking a drive to see the fall foliage seems like the perfect idea. Taking a drive with music that matches the fall vibes is a fantastic way to spend the day as long as drivers remember to drive safely. While winter and summer have a reputation for being dangerous seasons for drivers, autumn is not without its own risk. It’s important to remember that each season presents its own unique challenges drivers should keep in mind. Here are three tips to remember when taking an autumn drive. 

1.  Watch Out for Leaves

Fall is probably called fall because of all the beautiful falling leaves. While it’s a beautiful sight to behold, those leaves can be potentially dangerous. Wet leaves can cause a vehicle to slip, resulting in a collision with other vehicles or objects. Dry leaves can get lodged under a vehicle, causing a malfunction, so it’s important to keep an eye on your vehicle. Checking to make sure no dry leaves have piled up inside the crevices of your vehicle could be the act that helps you avoid an accident. Additionally, avoiding parking a car near a pile of leaves is beneficial to prevent a fire that could combust when the vehicle’s catalytic converter kicks into action. 

2. Be Careful on Icy Roads

While caution for icy roads is often heard during the winter months, roads can start to get icy as early as September in certain parts if it is higher in elevation. It’s important to keep a vehicle equipped with the necessary tools for “winter” weather as soon as autumn begins. This means having snow tires and ensuring that your vehicle’s brakes and lights are functioning properly. 

3. Beware of Dark Road Conditions

Autumn is when the clocks fall back, meaning that the sun sets earlier and there’s reduced visibility on the roads. Low visibility is always dangerous because it limits a driver’s ability to see their surroundings clearly. These conditions can be hazardous if the driver is unfamiliar with the landscape. Taking the time to plan your commute and familiarize yourself with driving in low visibility can go a long way toward keeping you and others on the road safe. 

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