How Does Fault Work in Car Accidents Caused by a Medical Emergency?

How Does Fault Work in Car Accidents Caused by a Medical Emergency?

How Does Fault Work in Car Accidents Caused by a Medical Emergency?

Getting into a car accident can be stressful, as we often feel out of control of our well-being and safety. But when we suddenly experience a medical emergency, there is a similar loss of control. If someone has lost control of their car because of a sudden medical emergency, the other drivers involved may have questions regarding their own recovery and health. If the person suffering an unforeseen medical issue causes an accident, this individual might also wonder what this means for their health and financial security. 

Who is responsible for an accident caused by a medical emergency, such as a sudden lack of consciousness? When the driver subjected to a sudden medical emergency causes an accident, it is essential to prove that their medical issues came upon them suddenly and were impossible to predict. They must also demonstrate that the medical emergency would lead to loss of vehicular control. Mintz Law Firm can help you protect your rights every step of the way during the legal process.

How is Liability Decided After a Medical Emergency?

Liability after a sudden medical emergency can be challenging to determine, but the fault of the accident may lie with the driver or party who caused the accident due to their medical emergency. This individual will likely benefit from working with an attorney who can speak on their behalf and represent them. The person who suffered from the medical emergency must demonstrate that the following items are true about their circumstances:

  • The driver was suddenly physically incapacitated
  • Incapacitation was not reasonably predictable
  • Sudden incapacitation led to loss of control of the vehicle

Based on these items, someone with a medical history who has been told to avoid driving may still maintain liability, especially if they’ve received this recommendation from a doctor. The driver may also be liable if they noticed symptoms that indicated the potential loss of consciousness or control but failed to take precautions, like moving to the side of the road. 

How Do Victims Receive Compensation When No One is At Fault?

If no one is found responsible for a car accident because of a sudden medical emergency, all parties may still have the opportunity to receive compensation for their losses. Much like a car accident where the responsible party doesn’t have insurance, you can receive compensation from your own policy. This can also apply to the individual subjugated to the sudden medical emergency. 

We recommend working with a car accident lawyer, like one from Mintz Law Firm, for assistance in receiving fair compensation for your losses. Your car accident attorney can communicate with other parties, ensure your insurance company doesn’t take advantage of you by underpaying, maximize the value of your claims, and manage legal paperwork. This can all help reduce stress related to your legal matters, allowing you to focus on your recovery. 

Get Valuable Help and Fair Compensation With Support From Mintz Law Firm

You can receive compensation if you get into a car accident because of a sudden medical emergency, whether as another involved victim or as the driver who lost control. You also don’t have to handle the legal processes and battles alone, as a talented and dedicated car accident lawyer from Mintz Law Firm can provide valuable support. Our clients trust us to bring outstanding compensation during challenging times, and we would be proud to do the same for you as you navigate your legal matters. 

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