Last-Minute Tips to Stay Safe on New Year's Eve

Last-Minute Tips to Stay Safe on New Year’s Eve

New Year's EveIn just a few short days, we’ll once again be entering a new year. People will be dancing, champagne corks will be popping, and couples will be smooching – all for the sake of saying goodbye to the previous year and hello to the hopes and prospects that the new one brings with it. Unfortunately, the truth is that each year we see injuries and deaths stemming from New Year’s celebrations due to being careless or irresponsible with alcohol.

Just last week, we offered tips on how to avoid driving drunk over Christmas and New Year’s. However, since this is such an important topic, we thought it would be a good idea to harken back to that previous post (which you can read by clicking right here) while providing a few more last-minute tips to help make sure that your memorable night is a positive one. If we can save even one life or prevent even one drunk driving accident, we’ll feel that we’ve done our job.

Choose Friends over an Event

As New Year’s Eve approaches, you’re going to be tempted by tons of events taking place all over your city, whether it’s to watch a big ball drop or a bar offering karaoke all night. These events can obviously be fun, but due to the large crowds, they can also be very dangerous, especially as the night wears on and people start getting behind the wheel. We would suggest that you forsake these large events for more personal celebrations taking place at your residence or that of a friend or family member.

Attend a Sleepover

Depending on how old you are, your memories of a childhood sleepover might include hours and hours of playing Nintendo games with friends or maybe trading Pokemon cards until the wee hours of the morning. These days, millions of adults play board games like Exploding Kittens and Cards Against Humanity and many still play video games (karaoke, dancing, and band-based games being some of our favorites). New Year’s Eve is the perfect night to attend a party with family and friends who will be staying in for the night and allowing people to “crash” at their place so that everyone stays safe.

Organize a Sleepover

If you don’t know anyone who is having a New Year’s Eve sleepover, then why not organize one yourself? All you’ll need is a bunch of blankets, pillows, and areas where people can sleep until the morning. Attendees can even bring their own sleeping bags if they want. You may even want to enforce a sleepover by telling everyone who attends that keys will be collected and given back at a certain time the next morning. Another way to encourage the guests to stay overnight is to plan a tasty breakfast for the morning – just not too early. This will not only allow you to stay safe but will also keep your friends safe and sound.

Don’t Act Like a Fool

While drinking and driving receives the most press when it comes to criminal activity on New Year’s Eve, there are other problems that might arise from the ingestion of too much alcohol. Every year, fights break out at bars, friendships are marred by hurtful comments, and arrests occur due to public intoxication. If you don’t trust yourself to stop drinking before you’ve reached your limit or to not act like a fool once you’ve reached your limit, then use the “buddy system” – enlist a friend to help watch you, cut you off, and put a stop to any of your shenanigans.

These tips, along with the ones from our previous post, will help keep you safe and sound on New Year’s Eve. In the event that the night doesn’t go as planned and does not conclude without harm to you or a loved one, please be sure to reach out to the attorneys at Mintz Law Firm. Our team of lawyers will fight for your rights to ensure the best results for your case. Contact us for a free case evaluation today.

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