Truck Unsecured Load Accidents: Who is Liable?

Truck Unsecured Load Accidents: Who is Liable?

When sharing Colorado roads with trucks, you trust the driver and those involved in ensuring trucks are safe to operate to uphold their duty of care. Unfortunately, many neglect this duty, resulting in accidents and serious injuries. According to the National Safety Council, 117,300 trucks were involved in injury crashes in 2021, many of which resulted from unsecured loads. Several parties could be responsible for these types of accidents, including the truck driver, trucking company, loading crew, and freight broker. 

Our experienced truck accident lawyers at Mintz Law Firm can help identify the at-fault party and hold them accountable for their negligence. We have years of experience handling the most complex truck accident claims in Colorado, including those involving unsecured truckloads. Our compassionate Colorado truck accident attorneys understand the stress of dealing with injuries and insurance adjusters, so we take your legal burdens off your plate and allow you to focus on recovery. With our unmatched legal services, we give you the best chance of achieving the justice you deserve.

4 Potentially Liable Parties in a Colorado Unsecured Truck Load Accident

When an unsecured cargo load causes a truck accident, it can be challenging to know who is liable, as several parties are involved in ensuring a truck is loaded correctly. Our attentive truck accident lawyers will conduct a thorough investigation of your claim to identify a liable party or parties, which may include the following:

Truck Driver

The truck driver is responsible for properly operating their vehicle, so if they fail to do this and cause their cargo load to shift, they may be liable for an accident. Using improper braking methods, pulling on the steering wheel, and incorrectly operating the big rig are potential ways truck drivers could cause an unsecured load crash.  

Trucking Company

If a truck driver is responsible for an unsecured cargo accident, their employer will likely also be liable. They must follow specific Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration rules and regulations, including cargo securement protocols, to ensure a truck’s load does not shift in transit or fall out of an open-bed truck. If they fail to comply with these guidelines, they may be held accountable for your injuries.

Cargo Loading Crew or Company

Trucking companies often employ third-party crews to load cargo into trucks. If these teams neglect their duty of care to ensure the truckload is balanced, secure, and inspected, they may be responsible for an accident and your injuries.

Freight Broker

Freight brokers communicate between shippers and carriers, and they often arrange trucks to carry cargo and ensure freight arrives safely. If they order a truck to carry an unsafe load or fail to follow proper procedures, they may be liable for an unsecured load accident.

When investigating your claim, our dedicated truck accident attorneys collect and analyze evidence, such as medical records, witness testimony, police reports, and video footage, to identify whose negligence caused the crash. We consider every detail and work hard to build a strong claim and secure the financial compensation you deserve.

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