Understanding Colorado's Nursing Home Safety Violations

Understanding Colorado’s Nursing Home Safety Violations

When you entrust a nursing home with the care and keeping of a loved one, that nursing home has a duty to meet your expectations. Any nursing home that refuses reasonable care can be held in violation of Colorado’s nursing home safety standards.

If you want to take action against a nursing home, however, you need to understand these safety standards and what they mean. When you break down the state’s expectations of its nursing homes, you can determine whether or not you have the grounds to take legal action against an allegedly-negligent party.

Breaking Down Colorado’s Nursing Home Safety Violations

Nursing home staff members must take reasonable steps to protect their loved ones from harm when they are in a nursing home’s care. With that in mind, you can hold a nursing home accountable for negligence if you find evidence of the following:

Failure to Protect From Accidents

While nursing homes cannot prepare for every manner of the accident, staff members must take steps to limit residents’ risk of harm. This means eliminating unsafe materials, maintaining the building’s overall safety, and warning residents of dangerous conditions.

There are times, of course, when there may not be enough time between the development of dangerous conditions and an accident for staff members to reasonably inform residents of the danger. Nevertheless, it’s not up to staff members to determine if their conditions are reasonable. That duty, rather, falls to an attorney. Our team can assess your loved one’s circumstances upon request.

Failure to Protect From Abuse

Nursing home abuse takes on a myriad of forms, ranging from financial to physical to emotional. While it’s not always easy to identify nursing home abuse, staff members should still make an effort to protect their residents from behavior that seems unreasonable, negligent, or cruel.

Failure to protect residents from harm constitutes a nursing home violation. So does covering for a staff member, ignoring signs of abuse, or failing to report a resident’s declining condition.

Failure to Prevent Infections

Your elderly loved ones may be at more risk for illness or infection than they were in their youth. Nursing home staff must take this concern into account by trying to prevent the spreading of diseases within a nursing home. A staff that doesn’t provide essential medical care, the means to protect their well-being, and/or a healthy environment can be liable for related illnesses.

Failure to Uphold Medical Care and/or Pain Management

Your loved ones can endure a significant amount of pain as they try to recover from accidents or chronic conditions. A nursing home’s staff must provide your loved ones with the means to live comfortably while in an institution’s care. Failure to do so can be seen as a deliberate attempt to harm a resident. 

Acting in the Wake of a Nursing Home Safety Violation

Should you believe a loved one endured nursing home abuse or a nursing home safety violation, you can report nursing home violations and then reach out to a nursing home abuse attorney. If your loved one is still of sound mind and body, we can work with them to bring a claim against their nursing home.

Alternatively, if you’ve been elected as a loved one’s personal executor, you can take legal action on their behalf. We can bring a claim forward allowing you to request the damages that your loved one needs to recover.

Civil claims allow you to stabilize your loved one’s financial future while seeking justice for the wrongs done to them in the past. What’s more, the example you set with your suit can help other families prevent nursing home safety violations that can harm their loved ones in the future.

Our Team Can Represent Your Loved Ones in Civil Court

It can take a considerable amount of time for insurance providers to help you take action in the wake of nursing home abuse. Don’t wait for your loved one’s circumstances to get worse. Reach out to Mintz Law Firm, instead. We can break down your loved one’s right to nursing home abuse cases and ensure you have every opportunity to pursue compensation for a loved one’s losses.

If you’re ready to take action, let a nursing home abuse attorney know. You can contact our office today through our contact form or call (303) 462-2999.

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