What to Do When You Spot an Aggressive Driver

What to Do When You Spot an Aggressive Driver

What to Do When You Spot an Aggressive Driver

Aggressive drivers can be the source of a lot of anxiety for fellow drivers on the road. Unexpected maneuvers, reckless driving, and more can put the aggressive driver and other in dangerous situations. It’s important to learn what to do when you spot a driver like this so that you can, pardon the pun, steer clear of them. Here are a few techniques to follow when you come into contact with this type of driver on the road:

Get Out of the Way

In most situations where you’ve spotted an aggressive driver, the most effective plan of action is to simply get out of his or her way. Giving the aggressive driver a wide berth decreases your chances of getting involved in an accident because of the way they’re behaving. It’s always best to get out of their way as quickly as possible, but be sure that you are doing so safely.

Watch for Sudden Movements

If you’re unable to simply get away from the aggressive driver, then it’s important that you be sure to pay attention to any sudden movements that the person might make. The driver could jerk their wheel to one side or the other unexpectedly while dodging in and out of traffic, or if they could end up tailgating you or another driver, or a whole slew of other very dangerous actions. And using signals? Forget about about the aggressive driver using signals or following any rules of the road. Basically, you want to be ready for anything.

Make Your Intentions Clear

Even though you can’t expect an aggressive driver to use turn signal or follow any rules or customs for safe driving, in order to decrease your risk of getting into a crash, you should be sure to use your turn signals at all times and follow the rules and customs for safe driving. If the aggressive driver is basing his or her next move on what everyone else is expected to do, you improve your chances of avoiding a crash by using your turn signals and following the rules of the road.

Avoid Making Eye Contact

According to a 2016 AAA study, road rage is on the rise – and drivers are feeling the heat. While the most common manifestations of road rage are simply shouting and gestures, millions of people take it to the next level and attempt to ram or bump a car that’s, shall we say, inducing their rage. If you spot an aggressive driver, avoid eye contact – you don’t know how that person might react. It’s just not worth the risk to stare the person down or give them a dirty look. And, please: try to keep hand gestures to a minimum, or avoid them altogether.

Don’t Be Aggressive in Return

When you spot an aggressive driver, the worst thing you can do is to be aggressive to them right back. Braking and slowing down when they’re tailgating or otherwise attempting to impede their progress will do nothing but make a bad situation a lot worse. The same goes with trying to keep up with them in terms of speed just because you can.

Call *277 If Necessary

In certain situations regarding an aggressive driver, you may want to consider alerting the authorities to put a stop to it. Dial *277 to alert the Colorado State Patrol of dangerous, aggressive driving (like improper lane changes, speeding, tailgating, or passing on the shoulder). Make sure you take note of the make and model of the vehicle, its license plate number, and a driver description if you’re able. Calling *277 may result in the aggressive driver getting pulled over and keep other drivers safe while on the road.

Stay in Your Car If an Accident Occurs

If an aggressive driver ends up causing an accident with either you or another driver, it is absolutely essential that you do not get out of your vehicle and confront him or her. Stay in your automobile and call the police immediately because you have no idea what that person might do following an accident.

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