What to Know About Colorado Winter Driving Accidents

What to Know About Colorado Winter Driving Accidents

A Colorado winter can see up to 56 inches of snow a year, making for one of the most popular winter tourist destinations in the United States. Every holiday season, as the snow begins to fall, families and friends pack up their gear and drive over to The Centennial State for a weekend of skiing, snowboarding, and other outdoor fun. 

Driving in high levels of snow can be hard, especially for out-of-towners who lack the proper equipment or experience. The icy roads require more attentive driving, as well as longer response times for braking. Roads congested with eager tourists and people unfamiliar with navigating a Colorado winter may lead to you and your family getting in a motor vehicle accident due to another’s negligence. Fortunately, Mintz Law Firm can help you and your family get the compensation you deserve.  

What to Do If You Are in a Car Accident This Winter

For many reasons, getting in a motor vehicle accident during Colorado’s winter weather season can be dangerous. Broken bones, neck or back injuries, and damage to your internal organs are all possibilities. The tough weather conditions may also slow down response times for emergency vehicles, which can be detrimental for those who need immediate medical attention. If you are injured in a car accident this winter in Colorado, it is crucial to do the following:

Seek Out Immediate Medical Care

Get your injuries immediately looked at by a doctor. The slick roads can escalate what may have been a minor fender bender, and the severity of your injury may be worse than you think. 

Additionally, having written proof of a doctor’s visit showcases the seriousness of your accident when filing your claim. Your personal injury lawyer will use this as evidence to track your claim back to the beginning and highlight the gravity of the damages owed. Even if you are only in town for the week, your personal injury lawyer will work to get you the proper medical treatment in your home state. 

Ensure You Have The At-Fault Party’s Information 

This is particularly important if you are just visiting Colorado. If possible, do not leave the scene of the accident without the negligent party’s contact information. No matter if you are in your personal vehicle, an Uber, or a vehicle provided by a resort, it is vital you get the name, contact number, and insurance company information from the party at fault. If you are unable to personally do so, have a family member or friend collect it for you. 

Without this information, starting a claim to obtain your damages due may be challenging. However, with a skilled personal injury lawyer by your side, you still be able to track down the at-fault party’s information.

Seek Out A Colorado Personal Injury Lawyer

Like most states, Colorado has its own set of specific laws regarding negligence and motor vehicle accidents. A Colorado-based personal injury lawyer is familiar with exact state policies and procedures and will provide you with the best chance at getting the settlement you deserve. 

Accidents during the winter months can range in severity, and oftentimes symptoms and pains can take time to fully reveal themselves. Mintz Law Firm is here to protect you from others’ negligent behaviors and will focus on gathering evidence and building your case while you concentrate on the healing process.

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