What You Need to Know About Colorado's Workers' Compensation Laws

What You Need to Know About Colorado’s Workers’ Compensation Laws

Understanding your rights and protections under Colorado workers’ compensation laws is imperative after an on-the-job injury. These laws exist to offer financial and medical benefits to employees injured on the job. However, navigating the claims process can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with an injury. 

At Mintz Law Firm, we are dedicated to helping injured workers in Colorado recover the compensation they deserve. Our team of experienced attorneys will help you understand and utilize Colorado’s workers’ compensation laws to your advantage. With our guidance, you can pursue the compensation and support you deserve during this difficult time. 

Who Qualifies for Workers’ Compensation in Colorado?

Almost every employee in Colorado is covered by workers’ compensation from the moment they start their job, including full-time, part-time, temporary, and seasonal workers across most industries. Essentially, if you’re an employee who suffered an injury while doing your job or have gotten sick because of your work, you’re likely covered. This includes injuries happening at the workplace or diseases caused by the work environment. 

However, not everyone automatically qualifies. For example, independent contractors and certain types of farm workers might not be covered under Colorado workers’ compensation laws. Also, if the injury happened because an employee was not following safety rules or was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the claim might be denied.

If you’re unsure whether you qualify for workers’ compensation, it’s a good idea to talk to a workers’ compensation attorney who can help clarify your situation. We can guide you through the specifics and help you understand your rights and protections under Colorado’s laws.

What Benefits Are Available Under Colorado’s Workers’ Compensation Laws?

Under Colorado’s workers’ comp laws, employees can access several benefits following work-related injuries or illnesses. The following benefits aim to provide financial support and assistance to those unable to work due to their injury or illness caused by their job:

  • Medical expenses coverage: Colorado workers’ compensation covers all necessary medical treatments for work-related injuries or illnesses, including hospital visits, surgeries, and rehabilitation, with expenses paid directly by the employer’s insurance. 
  • Temporary disability benefits: Workers unable to work due to a work-related injury or illness can receive temporary disability benefits, which compensate two-thirds of their average weekly wage until they’re fit to return to work. 
  • Permanent partial disability benefits: Employees with a permanent partial disability may qualify for benefits based on the disability’s impact on their wage-earning capacity, calculated according to the disability’s severity. 
  • Permanent total disability benefits: For employees with permanent total disabilities preventing any work, lifetime wage replacements are provided at two-thirds of their average weekly wage. 
  • Death benefits: Dependents of workers who die from work-related injuries or illnesses may receive death benefits, including coverage for funeral expenses and ongoing wage replacement benefits until certain conditions are met. 
  • Vocational rehabilitation services: Vocational rehabilitation services offer job training and education to help injured workers find new employment if they can’t return to their previous job due to injury or illness. 

Understanding your rights under Colorado’s workers’ compensation is vital. This framework is designed to offer financial aid and income stability to workers during recovery from work-related health issues without taking on additional financial burden.

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