Who Is Liable for a Dog Bite Attack in a Dog Park?

Who Is Liable for a Dog Bite Attack in a Dog Park?

When you head to the dog park, you expect a day of fun and play, not injury. Unfortunately, dog bite attacks can occur even in these communal, seemingly safe environments. Determining who is liable in such incidents is crucial, not just for dealing with the immediate aftermath but also for understanding the legal implications that might follow. Several complex elements are involved in these claims, but we can help.

At Mintz Law Firm, we’re experienced in handling personal injury cases, including those related to dog bites. We can offer insight into these legal complexities, help you understand your rights, and support you in obtaining complete compensation for your losses. If you need support handling your dog attack injury claim, you are welcome to contact us and retain our services. 

Who Is Liable for a Dog Attack at the Dog Park?

According to Colorado law, dog owners generally have strict liability for the actions of their pets’ violent behaviors. If the victim is lawfully on public or private property and has faced severe bodily harm, the owner is likely to be held liable. This includes visiting the dog park.

However, there are always exceptions to the dog owner’s liability. For instance, the dog owner may not be responsible if the dog has been knowingly provoked, if the dog is working, or in additional cases.

If you need assistance determining who is most likely liable for your injuries related to a dog attack, an attorney from Mintz Law Firm can support you in many ways, including identifying responsible parties and helping you hold individuals accountable for their actions.

What Role Does a Leash Law Play in Determining Liability?

Colorado has no state-wide leash laws, though some cities and counties may have different expectations in certain jurisdictions. However, dogs must be kept under reasonable control and care by their owners in Colorado.

Even if a dog’s owner has followed the letter of the law, they may be liable. Keeping a leash on their dog does not reduce their liability, especially if the animal was not provoked. Strict liability also applies even if the dog has no violent history. This may even be the case if the owner provided a warning about getting close to the dog.

Steps to Take Following a Dog Bite Incident in a Dog Park

Use the following suggestions and strategies if you have been bitten or otherwise attacked by a dog:

  • As soon as possible, seek medical attention
  • Follow your medical team’s recommendations for care as closely as possible
  • Stay offline and deactivate social media accounts
  • Exercise your right to privacy; only talk about your case with a qualified attorney
  • Collect and organize any evidence related to your claim
  • When speaking with insurance, provide as little information as possible
  • Do not accept settlement offers without legal support
  • Retain legal support from an attorney as soon as you can
  • Follow your lawyer’s instructions as closely as possible

If you need assistance with your claim, an attorney from Mintz Law Firm would be an excellent addition to your strategies. Our firm will provide personalized recommendations for further action when you retain our support. Feel free to contact an attorney from Mintz Law Firm for assistance with your dog bite injury claim.

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If you have been involved in a dog bite incident at a dog park in Colorado, determining liability can be complex and may require professional legal assistance. At Mintz Law Firm, our experienced team is dedicated to helping you navigate the nuances of Colorado’s dog bite laws. We want to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. 

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